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Helpful Tips - Black & Decker LAM95 Manual

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• Do not laminate any heat sensitive documents such as tickets, ultrasounds, etc.
You may experiment using self-adhesive laminating pouches and the cold mode
setting with heat sensitive documents.
• Always test with a non-sensitive document first to ensure compatibility.
• Do not laminate any valuable or historical type documents.
• Never laminate an empty pouch.
• Always feed the pouch into the machine sealed edge first. This will prevent the
pouch from becoming jammed in the laminator rollers.
• If using a larger pouch for a smaller sized item, you can easily trim the pouch
after laminating using a paper trimmer or scissors. Laminated documents are
easily trimmed once cooled.
• A rotary paper trimmer is recommended.
• Do not use laminator with self-adhesive laminating sheets, only self-adhesive
3 mil
5 mil
For optimum results use Black & Decker TimeShield™ laminating pouches.
Please visit for more information and
where to buy.
1. Place laminator on a flat, stable surface. Organize your materi-
als close by and ensure that you have space to work comfortably.
This entails having enough surface area to:
• Align items in laminating pouches
• Let items lay flat for cooling post lamination
2. Locate the out-feed table, which is stored underneath the
laminator (certain models only). Fold open the table to its most
outright position.
3. Plug the power cord into a standard 120 V outlet.
1. Select the pouch size and thickness that best fits the item you
wish to laminate and offers the level of protection you desire.


Table of Contents

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