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Before Using The Warming Drawer; Fitting The Appliance - Whirlpool WD 141 IX Operating Instructions Manual

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• Do not allow children to touch:
- the controls and the warming drawer in
general, especially during use and immediately
afterwards, to avoid injury;
- packing materials (bags, polystyrene, metal
parts, etc.);
- the warming drawer to be scrapped.
• Make sure the electrical cables of other
appliances used near the warming drawer do not
touch hot parts.
• Do not keep plastic or flammable objects in the
warming drawer.


When using the appliance for the first time, clean it
as follows:
- clean the surface with a damp cloth, then dry.
- Preheat the empty drawer for at least 2 hours:
turn the temperature knob to the max. position or
select max. temperature, in order to eliminate any
manufacturing residuals (grease, oil or resins)
which could cause unpleasant odours during
cooking. Air the room.
- After carrying out this simple operation, the
appliance will be ready for first use.


(depending on the model)
Safety instructions for drawer installation
IMPORTANT: The drawer (applicable for
both models) must be immediately fixed to
the cabinet, complying with the following
instructions. Do not install the combined
electrical appliance provided for, before fixing
the drawer to the cabinet.
When operating the appliance these objects
could melt or catch fire.
• Use the special oven gloves to remove hot dishes
and heated food (depending on the model).
• Pressing the On button switches on the warmer
drawer heating; risk of burns.
• Never insert objects (e.g. screwdrivers, sharp
objects, papers, etc.) in the heating element and
fan protection grill openings.
• Before using the appliance, remove:
- stickers on the front and warming drawer door,
except the rating plate;
- cardboard protection and protective plastic film
from all the aesthetic parts, if present. and from
the front panel controls and other parts of the
warming drawer;
- any stickers from the accessories if present.
fix the drawer as shown in figures 1 or 2
(depending on the model).
NOTE: should it be necessary to align the
appliance aesthetically with other
combinations of product, the drip tray at the
bottom can be removed and eliminated by
unfastening the two fixing screws.



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