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Whirlpool WD 141 IX Operating Instructions Manual page 4

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Before connecting the appliance to the power
supply, compare the connection data (voltage and
frequency) given on the dataplate with that of the
electrical mains.
The data must match, otherwise the appliance
could become damaged.
In case of doubt, contact a qualified technician.
Make sure the socket can be easily accessed even
after the appliance has been fitted.
The dish warmer can only be fitted in combination
with other appliances not weighing more than 40 kg
and provided with adequate cooling ventilation.
Otherwise, the right to the warranty is invalidated,
since correct use cannot be guaranteed.
For combined appliance installation comply with
the instructions given in the relevant use and
installation handbook.
Fitting and installation of this appliance must only be
carried out by qualified personnel who guarantee
that the requirements for safe use are met.
Important: The coffee machine or the combined
microwave oven, of size according to the figure on
the next page and same brand, can be installed on
top of the 140 drawer. For installation, carefully
follow the instructions given in the handbooks
supplied with the coffee machine and the combined
microwave oven.
Recess measurements
The dimensions of the recess are obtained from the
size of the dish warmer plus the size of the
appliance combined with it.
All measurements are given in mm.



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