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Care And Cleaning - Whirlpool WD 141 IX Operating Instructions Manual

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Important: never clean the appliance with high
pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.
Also avoid using: detergents containing soda, acids
or chlorides, abrasive detergents (in powder or
lotion), abrasive sponges (e.g. steel wool) or sponges
containing residuals of abrasive detergents, descaling
detergents, dishwasher detergents, oven sprays.
Warming drawer exterior
• Clean with a damp cloth. If it is very dirty, add a
few drops of dish washing detergent to the
water. Dry with a dry cloth.
• Do not use corrosive or abrasive detergents, as
they can create dull areas.
If any of these products accidentally comes into
contact with the warming drawer, immediately
clean the appliance with a damp cloth.
• Slight colour differences on the front of the
appliance are due to the use of different
materials, such as glass, plastic and metal.
Aluminium front panel
(depending on the model)
• Use a mild detergent and a soft window cleaning
cloth or a microfibre cloth that does not leave fibres
on the surface. Wipe horizontally, without pressing.
• Do not use corrosive products, hard sponges or
rough cloths for cleaning. Clean the aluminium
surfaces with a dry cloth.
Antislip drawer base
(depending on the model)
• Extract the antislip base to access and clean the
bottom of the drawer.
Wash the base by hand with hot water and a mild
detergent. Dry it thoroughly.
Refit the antislip base in the drawer only when
completely dry.
Vitroceramic drawer base
(depending on the model)
It is advisable to clean the bottom of the drawer
after every use, making sure to allow it to cool. In
this way grime will not accumulate and cleaning is
• Use a clean cloth, absorbent paper and dish
hand-wash detergent, or specific products for
cleaning the vitroceramic top.
• Remove stubborn cooking grime with specific
• Remove any food residuals left on the
vitroceramic top; do not leave to harden.
• Foods with a high sugar-content (coffee, fruit
juice, jam, etc.) that have boiled over or any sugar
stains due to cooking must be immediately
• Do not use abrasive products, bleach, oven
cleaning sprays or steel wool.
It is advisable to periodically treat the vitroceramic
with the special waxes available on the market.



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