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Before Using The Warming Drawer - Whirlpool WD 142 IX Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in plate-warmer drawer wd 142 ix
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To open and close the drawer push the centre
of the panel as shown in the figure.
When using the appliance for the first time, clean it
as follows:
- clean the surface with a damp cloth, then dry.
- Preheat the empty drawer for at least 2 hours:
turn the temperature knob to the max. position
or select max. temperature, in order to
eliminate any manufacturing residuals (grease,
oil or resins) which could cause unpleasant
odours during cooking. As some of these
odours can be unpleasant we advise that the
kitchen is well ventilated during this procedure.
After carrying out this simple operation, the
appliance will be ready for first use.
• Before using the appliance, remove:
- stickers on the front and warming drawer
door, except the rating plate;
- cardboard protection and protective plastic
film from all the aesthetic parts, if present,
and from the front panel controls and other
parts of the warming drawer;
- any stickers from the accessories if present.


Table of Contents