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Axis Geocalla G3-3D User Manual

Gopro airborne gimbal
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  Summary of Contents for Axis Geocalla G3-3D

  • Page 1 Geocalla gimbal User Manual...
  • Page 2: Warning & Disclaimer

    Warning & Disclaimer G3-3D gimbal is calibrated before delivery, no adjustment or modification to the gimbal is allowed. Ensure the camera is mounted to the gimbal before powering the aircraft. G3-3D gimbal is finely calibrated according to the specified camera model and lens before the delivery.
  • Page 3: Gimbal Description

    In The Box Vibration Absorbers Grey Gimbal Vibration Absorbers Black Vibration Absorbers Gimbal Control Unit, GCU Camera securing bracket Screw for Gopro4 Cup head hex socket screws Gimbal Description Yaw servo driver module Upper plate of damping unit Vibration Absorbers Roll servo driver module Tilt...
  • Page 4: Install Camera

    GCU Description Input Voltage Range 3 ~5S 1 0 Receiver knob Power Plug channel Don't Do not use the excess of the need to be the same prescribed scope power frequency with supply,or else will cause the receiver controller to burn out. Pitch Signal output Indicator light...
  • Page 5 Gimbal automatic calibration status...
  • Page 6: Gimbal Control

    2. Gimbal roll axis level calibration If the roll axis is not level after power on, you can correct the position by following these steps: a.Connect the gimbal with receiver gas channel, electrify the recerver and turn on the transmitter then push the gas to maximum.
  • Page 7: Specifications

    0°C ~ 60°C Gimbal Weight 166g Gimbal Dimensions(With Damping 94mm X 105mm X 90mm Unit) GCU Weight GCU Dimensions 44mm X 21.5mm X 9.3mm Tilt/Roll: ±0.05°; Controlled Angle Accuracy Performance Yaw: ±0.05° Controlled Rotation Range Tilt axis control: -100 ~ +10°...