Pair With A Honeywell Mobile Computer - Honeywell 8670 Quick Start Manual

Wireless ring scanner
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2. Set your host device so it searches for other Bluetooth
devices. (Refer to your host device's User's Guide for pair-
ing instructions.)
3. Once your host device has located the scanner, select the
8670 ring scanner name from the list displayed.
Note: Select the serial number that is shown on the ring
scanner, not on the battery module.
4. If a PIN is requested, enter 1234 (the default).
When the ring scanner pairs with the serial port of the host, the
LED on the top of the ring scanner flashes green and the LED
on the Bluetooth module remains solid blue. Your host device
should now be paired with the ring scanner and be able to
accept incoming data from the 8670.

Pair with a Honeywell Mobile Computer

The 8670 ring scanner can pair with Honeywell mobile comput-
ers such as the Dolphin 70e or 75e. (For Tecton mobile com-
puters, see Pair with a Honeywell Vehicle Mount Computer
instructions that follow.)

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