Operating Indicators - Immergas EOLO Star 23 kW Technical Documentation Manual

Instantaneous wall-hung with room-sealed boilers
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Technical Documentation
Digital user interface.
The appliance is adjusted and controlled (burner ignition,
temperature setting, flame modulation and diagnostics) by a
microprocessor controlled p.c.b. that can be used, by means

Operating indicators.

When the appliance is working normally, the illumination of
the display is green which, by way of special symbols, indicates
boiler status and functioning mode.
Operating indicators
Boiler powered without a flame
Boiler in the central heating mode
Boiler in the d.h.w. mode
Burner on
Ongoing chimneysweep function
STESkW ed 05/06
Technical Documentation
of a digital interface featuring display and push buttons, to
display and set operating parameters.
Symbols 8 and 11 flashing simultaneously
Display powered
Symbol 11 on
Symbol 8 on
Symbol 15 on
EOLO Star 23 kW

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents