Siemens HB33CB550 Instruction Manual

Siemens HB33CB550 Instruction Manual

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Important safety information............. 4 Produktinfo Causes of damage ................5 Your new oven ................6 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at Control panel ..................6 and in the online shop Buttons and display................6 Function selector.................6 Temperature selector .................6...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    Important safety information Read these instructions carefully. Only then A draught is created when the appliance will you be able to operate your appliance door is opened. Greaseproof paper may safely and correctly. Retain the instruction come into contact with the heating manual and installation instructions for element and catch fire.
  • Page 5: Causes Of Damage

    Risk of electric shock! Causes of damage Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs Caution! may only be carried out by one of our Accessories, foil, greaseproof paper or ovenware on the trained after-sales engineers. If the cooking compartment floor: do not place accessories on the cooking compartment floor.
  • Page 6: Your New Oven

    Your new oven Here you will learn about your new oven. The control panel and Control panel the individual operating controls are explained. You will find Here is an overview of the control panel. The display never information on the cooking compartment and the accessories. shows all of the symbols at the same time.
  • Page 7: Cooking Compartment

    Cooking compartment Cooling fan The cooling fan switches on and off as required. The hot air The oven light is located in the cooking compartment. A cooling escapes above the door. Caution: do not cover the ventilation fan protects the oven from overheating. slots.
  • Page 8: After-Sales Service Products

    Optional accessories HZ number Application Grill tray HZ325000 Use for grilling instead of the wire rack or as a splatter guard, so that the oven does not become very dirty. Only use the grill tray in the universal pan. Grilling on the grill tray: Use only on shelf positions 1 and 2. Grill tray as splash guard: Slide the universal pan with the grill tray under the wire rack.
  • Page 9: Setting The Oven

    Setting the oven There are various ways in which you can set your oven. Here Switching off the oven we will explain how you can select the desired type of heating Turn the function selector to the off position. and temperature or grill setting. You can select the oven cooking time and end time for your dish.
  • Page 10: Cooking Time

    Cooking time End time The cooking time for your dish can be set on the oven. When You can change the time at which you wish your dish to be the cooking time has elapsed, the oven switches itself off ready.
  • Page 11: Clock

    Press the button. Checking the time settings The clock in the display shows 12:00. The time symbols light If several time-setting options are set, the relevant symbols are up and the arrow is next to illuminated on the display. The time-setting options symbol is in the foreground and preceded by the arrow.
  • Page 12: Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning agents Caution! Never use abrasive cleaning agents. You will scratch or To ensure that the different surfaces are not damaged by using destroy the highly porous coating. the wrong type of cleaning agent, observe the information in the table. Do not use Never treat the ceramic coating with oven cleaner.
  • Page 13: Folding Down The Grill Element

    Folding down the grill element Fitting the appliance door You can fold down the grill element to clean the ceiling. Insert the hinges in the left and right-hand holders (figure C). The notch on both hinges must engage. Risk of burns! Open the appliance door fully.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Cleaning Fitting the door panel Clean the door panel with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Insert the door panel at an angle towards the back into both brackets as far as it will go. The smooth surface must face Risk of injury! outwards.
  • Page 15: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance needs After-sales service to be repaired. We will always find the right solution in order to avoid unnecessary visits from a service technician. E number and FD number Please note that there will be a fee for a visit by a service technician in the event of a malfunction, even during the When calling us, please give the product number (E no.) and...
  • Page 16 Baking tins Tables It is best to use dark-coloured metal baking tins. Baking times The tables show the ideal type of heating for the various cakes are increased when light-coloured baking tins made of thin and pastries. The temperature and baking time depend on the metal or glass dishes are used, and cakes do not brown so amount and consistency of the mixture.
  • Page 17: Baking Tips

    Small baked products Accessories Level Type of Temperature Cooking time heating in °C in minutes Cookies Baking tray 130-140 15-25 Baking tray + universal 130-140 20-30 Macaroons Baking tray 120-130 25-35 Baking tray + universal 110-120 30-40 Meringue Baking tray 130-160 Muffins Wire rack with muffin tray...
  • Page 18: Meat, Poultry, Fish

    The fruit juice overflows. Next time, use the deeper universal pan, if you have one. Small baked items made out of yeast There should be a gap of approx. 2 cm around each item. This gives enough space for dough stick to one another when bak- the baked items to expand well and turn brown on all sides.
  • Page 19 Meat Weight Accessories and Level Type of Temperature Cooking time cookware heating in °C, grill set- in minutes ting Pork Joint without rind (e.g. neck) 1.0 kg Uncovered 190-210 100-120 1.5 kg 180-200 110-130 2.0 kg 170-190 120-140 Joint with rind (e.g. shoulder) 1.0 kg Uncovered 190-210...
  • Page 20: Tips For Roasting And Grilling

    There is no need to turn a whole fish. Place the whole fish in the Fish oven in its swimming position with its dorsal fin facing upwards. If you are grilling directly on the wire rack, the universal pan Placing a scored potato or a small oven-proof container in the should also be inserted at level 1.
  • Page 21: Tips For Slow Cooking

    Meal Weight Level Type of Temperature Searing time Low-temperature heating in °C in minutes time in hours Beef Joint of beef (e.g. rump) 6-7 cm thick approx. 1.5 4,5-5,5 Fillet of beef, whole 1.5 kg Sirloin, 5-6 cm thick 1.5 kg Beef steaks, 3 cm thick 80-110 min.
  • Page 22: Convenience Products

    Convenience products The cooking result is heavily dependent on the quality of the food. Browning and unevenness can sometimes be seen on Observe the instructions on the packaging. the raw product. If you line the accessories with greaseproof paper, please make sure that the paper is suitable for these temperatures.
  • Page 23: Acrylamide In Foodstuffs

    Please observe the manufacturer's instructions on the Defrosting packaging. Remove the frozen food from the packaging and place in a suitable dish on the wire rack. The defrosting time depends on the amount and type of food. Place poultry on a plate breast-side down. Dishes Accessories Level...
  • Page 24: Test Dishes

    Test dishes These tables have been produced for test institutes to facilitate the inspection and testing of the various appliances. In accordance with EN/IEC 60350. Baking When baking on two levels, always insert the baking tray above the universal pan. Piped cookies: Food on baking trays that are placed in the oven at the same time will not necessarily all be ready at the same time.
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