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In Case Of Diffi Culty; Remote Control Unit - Kenwood M-909DV Instruction Manual

Dvd compact hi-fi component system
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In case of diffi culty

Resetting the Microcomputer
With the unit turned on, press and hold both the
(STOP)] button on the main unit and the "0"
button on the remote control unit simultaneously
for more than 3 seconds.
Check that following guide for problem resolution.
No sound.
The left and right sound outputs are reverse.
The system displays features automatically.
The system does not operate by pressing any
CD/DVD/VCD player operation
"NO DISC" is displayed.
NO picture.
USB operation
"NO USB" is displayed.
B60-5765-08_00_EN.indd 23
B60-5765-08_00_EN.indd 23
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\ Plug in AC cord securely.
\ Set the VOLUME control to proper sound level.
\ Make sure the source is set to the source you
wish to operate.
\ Pull out the headphones plug from the
headphones jack.
\ Check the speaker connections and location.
\ Switch off the demo operation.
\ Unplug the AC cord and plug it back in.
\ Insert a disc correctly (label side up).
\ Clean the disc.
\ Use a new or readable disc.
\ Wait until the moisture condensation at the
lens has cleared.
\ Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside
the guide.
\ Clean the disc.
\ Select the apporate video input model on the
TV so the picture from the unit appears on
the TV.
\ Insert the USB device properly.
Radio reception
Noise in radio.
\ Tune to a correct frequency.
\ Adjust the direction of the FM antenna.
\ AM antenna is built in; rotate the system to face
a new direction.
\ Increase the distance between the system and
TV or VCR.
Cassette deck operation
Cannot record.
\ Replace the tape or cover tabs with adhesive
\ Clean the head.
\ Use only NORMAL (IEC I) tape.
\ Do not use a cassette with more than 90-
minute recording time, for the tape used in
such a cassette is very thin and tends to cause
problem such as entanglement around the
pinch roller or could be easily cut off .
Timer / Clock
The timer is not working.
\ Set the correct clock.
\ Press the TIMER ON/OFF button to switch on
the timer.
\ Switch the system to standby mode.
The timer/clock is erased.
\ Power has been interrupted or power cord has
been disconnected. Set it again.

Remote control unit

Does not function properly.
\ Replace the batteries.
\ Remove the obstacles.
\ Move closer to the system when using the
remote control and make sure that you are
pointing at unit's remote sensor.
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