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In Case Of Diffi Culty; Remote Control Unit - Kenwood M-909DV Instruction Manual

Dvd compact hi-fi component system
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In case of diffi culty

Resetting the Microcomputer
With the unit turned on, press and hold both the
(STOP)] button on the main unit and the "0"
button on the remote control unit simultaneously
for more than 3 seconds.
Check that following guide for problem resolution.
No sound.
\ Plug in AC cord securely.
\ Set the VOLUME control to proper sound level.
\ Make sure the source is set to the source you
wish to operate.
\ Pull out the headphones plug from the
headphones jack.
The left and right sound outputs are reverse.
\ Check the speaker connections and location.
The system displays features automatically.
\ Switch off the demo operation.
The system does not operate by pressing any
\ Unplug the AC cord and plug it back in.
CD/DVD/VCD player operation
"NO DISC" is displayed.
\ Insert a disc correctly (label side up).
\ Clean the disc.
\ Use a new or readable disc.
\ Wait until the moisture condensation at the
lens has cleared.
NO picture.
\ Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside
the guide.
\ Clean the disc.
\ Select the apporate video input model on the
TV so the picture from the unit appears on
the TV.
USB operation
"NO USB" is displayed.
\ Insert the USB device properly.
Radio reception
Noise in radio.
\ Tune to a correct frequency.
\ Adjust the direction of the FM antenna.
\ AM antenna is built in; rotate the system to face
a new direction.
\ Increase the distance between the system and
TV or VCR.
Cassette deck operation
Cannot record.
\ Replace the tape or cover tabs with adhesive
\ Clean the head.
\ Use only NORMAL (IEC I) tape.
\ Do not use a cassette with more than 90-
minute recording time, for the tape used in
such a cassette is very thin and tends to cause
problem such as entanglement around the
pinch roller or could be easily cut off .
Timer / Clock
The timer is not working.
\ Set the correct clock.
\ Press the TIMER ON/OFF button to switch on
the timer.
\ Switch the system to standby mode.
The timer/clock is erased.
\ Power has been interrupted or power cord has
been disconnected. Set it again.

Remote control unit

Does not function properly.
\ Replace the batteries.
\ Remove the obstacles.
\ Move closer to the system when using the
remote control and make sure that you are
pointing at unit's remote sensor.



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