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Kenwood M-718BT Operating Manual

Compact stereo system
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Compact Stereo System
JVCKENWOOD Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood M-718BT

  • Page 1 Compact Stereo System M-718BT OPERATING MANUAL JVCKENWOOD Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Before initial operation Contents Before switching on the power supply Safety instructions Before initial operation Connecting Handling CDs Useful information about USB-devices Component names and functions Basic functions Turning on the system Switch off in standby Volume control Adjusting the sound Using CD and USB Preparation Playback of CD or audio files (USB, CD)
  • Page 3: Before Switching On The Power Supply

    Before switching on the power supply IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Attention: Please read through this sheet carefully in order to ensure safe operation of the device. Read notes carefully! - Please comply with all safety and operation instructions when you put this product into operation. Keep these instructions in a safe place! –...
  • Page 4 10. Service – Never attempt to service this device yourself since if covers are opened or removed, live parts may be exposed, touching which can be a source of risk. Please refer all servicing to qualified customer service personnel. 11. Damage which requires repair – Service and repair work should only be carried out by qualified customer service department. Service/repair is required if the device is damaged (e.g. the mains cable or plug), if liquid had entered the device, if items have penetrated into the device, if the device was exposed to rain or moisture, if it no longer works properly or has fallen down.
  • Page 5 The JVCKENWOOD Corporation hereby declares that the radio equipment type M-718DAB is in compliance with the 2014/53/EU guidelines. The complete text of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available under the following internet address: Manufacturer: JVCKENWOOD Corporation 3-12. Moriyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 221-0022, JAPAN Agent (EU): JVCKENWOOD EUROPE B.V.
  • Page 6: Before Initial Operation

    Before initial operation Unpacking Carefully unpack the device and take care that all accessories are present: Operating manual Remote control FM antenna LR03/AAA 1.5 Volt Battery Notes about reading the manual Most functions can be controlled using the remote control. Preparation of the remote control •...
  • Page 7: Handling Cds

    Handling CDs Precautions when handling Hold the CD in such a way that you are not touching the signal surface. (The side without printing is the playing side) Precautions regarding CDs Only use CDs with the mark. Among other issues, a CD without this mark cannot be correctly played back.
  • Page 8: Component Names And Functions

    Components and functions Control elements 1 - Standby / On 7 - Select Source 2 - CD tray 8 - Playback / Pause 3 - Line-In port 9 - Stop 4 - USB port 10 - Previous 5 - Display 11 - Next 6 - Volume 12 - Open / Close...
  • Page 9: Basic Functions

    Basic functions Turning on the system: Press the button on the remote control or on the main device. “HELLO” appears in the display. Switch off in standby: Press the button on the remote control or on the main device. “GOOD BYE” appears in the display and the device switches in standby mode. Volume control On the remote control: Press the VOL+ button to raise the volume or press the VOL- button to lower it.
  • Page 10: Playback Of Cd Or Audio Files (Usb, Cd)

    Connection of USB devices 1. Press the button to select standby mode. 2. Connect the USB device to the USB port on the front side. Removal of the USB device 1. Press the button to select standby mode. 2. Remove the USB device from the USB port. • Always wait until the device has completely read the CD/USB device before continuing. •...
  • Page 11: Programming Tracks And Files

    Programming tracks and files Using the remote control, you can programme tracks from an audio CD or files to play in the order you desire. The following number of spaces in memory is available to you for this: Audio-CD: 20 memory spaces Files: 99 memory spaces Procedure with audio CD 1. The “CD” source must be in stop mode, otherwise “STOP FIRST” will show in the display. 2.
  • Page 12: Shuffle Play And Repeat Function

    Shuffle play and repeat function Procedure with audio CD • Press the button on the remote control to start shuffle play. “SHUFFLE” will appear in the RANDOM display for 2 seconds and playback will start. Pressing the button twice or pressing the RANDOM button cancels random play. • Press the button on the remote control to activate the repeat function.
  • Page 13: Use Of The Fm Radio

    Use of the FM radio button on the main device until “FM” Press the button on the remote control or the appears on the display. 27.0 mm Setting a FM station 4.5 mm • Press the TUN+ button on the remote control to increase the reception frequency. •...
  • Page 14: Using Bluetooth

    To couple appropriate devices (e.g. smartphones) please proceed as follows: 1. Open the pairing function on your BLUETOOTH device and look for “M-718BT”. 2. Select “M-718BT” for pairing and wait until “BT” shows on the display and a sequence of tones is heard. Pairing is now complete.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting In the event of malfunctions, please check the following points: No sound  Insert the mains plug in properly.  Adjust the volume to the correct level.  Make sure that the correct source is selected. Left and right channel mixed up ...
  • Page 16: Disposal

    Disposal Disposal of used electrical and electronic devices and batteries. The (crossed out waste bin) symbol on a product or its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated like normal household waste but rather must be handed in to a collection centre for recycling electric and electronic devices and batteries.
  • Page 17: Technical Data

    M-718BT technical specifications Power supply AC voltage 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz Power consumption 25 Watt Power consumption in standby mode < 0.5 Watt CD operation Signal to Noise Ratio (A-Filter) ≥ 75 dB Dynamic Range ≥ 60 dB Tuner FM FM Tuning Range 87.50 MHz – 108.00 MHz BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Version V4.2+EDR...
  • Page 18: Warranty

    Dear Customer, We would like to thank you for purchasing this Kenwood product. If this product is found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal operating conditions, in accordance with the provisions of the following warranty, we will rectify these faults free of charge or replace the device.

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