Brother MFC-L8650CDW Advanced User's Manual

Brother MFC-L8650CDW Advanced User's Manual

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Table of Contents


Advanced User's Guide
Version 0


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Brother MFC-L8650CDW

  • Page 1 Advanced User’s Guide MFC-L8650CDW DCP-L8400CDN Version 0 CHN-ENG...
  • Page 2 HTML file / CD-ROM / In the Box Guide can be performed by connecting your (Macintosh) Brother machine to a computer. You can HTML file / Brother Solutions also find useful information about using the Center Brother ControlCenter utility, using your machine in a network environment, and frequently used terms.
  • Page 3 This Guide provides useful information PDF file / Brother Solutions Guide for Brother about printing from your mobile device and Center iPrint&Scan scanning from your Brother machine to your ® mobile device when connected on a Wi-Fi network. Visit
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Setup Memory storage.....................1 Set tone or pulse dialling mode ................1 Set the Time Zone ....................2 Ecology features ....................2 Toner Save ......................2 Sleep Time ......................3 Deep Sleep mode ....................3 Auto Power Off (DCP models only) ..............3 Quiet mode feature ....................4 Quiet mode ......................4 Touchscreen ......................4 Setting the backlight brightness...............4...
  • Page 5 Sending a fax (MFC models only) Additional sending options................... 17 Sending faxes using multiple settings ............17 Changing a 2-sided fax layout ..............18 Contrast ......................19 Changing Fax Resolution ................19 Additional sending operations................20 Sending a fax manually ................. 20 Dual access ....................
  • Page 6 Making N in 1 copies (page layout) ...............50 2 in 1 ID Copy ....................52 Adjusting the Colour Saturation ..............53 Making 2-sided N in 1 copies (MFC-L8650CDW) .........53 Removing Background Colour...............54 Saving copy options as a Shortcut ..............55 Saving paper ....................55 Routine maintenance Checking the machine ..................56...
  • Page 7: General Setup

    Set tone or pulse NOTE dialling mode • This manual shows the LCD messages of the MFC-L8650CDW unless specified. • Most of the illustrations in this User’s Your machine comes set for a Tone dialling Guide show the MFC-L8650CDW. service. If you have a Pulse dialling (rotary) service, you need to change the dialling mode.
  • Page 8: Set The Time Zone

    Chapter 1 Set the Time Zone Ecology features You can set the time zone (not summer time Toner Save but standard time) on the machine for your location. For example, the time zone for You can save toner using this feature. When Eastern Time in the USA and Canada is you set Toner Save to On, print appears UTC-05:00.
  • Page 9: Sleep Time

    General Setup Sleep Time Deep Sleep mode The Sleep Time setting can reduce power If the machine is in Sleep mode and does not consumption. When the machine is in Sleep receive any jobs for a certain length of time, mode (Power Save mode) it acts as though it the machine will go into Deep Sleep mode is turned off.
  • Page 10: Quiet Mode Feature

    Chapter 1 Quiet mode feature Touchscreen Quiet mode Setting the backlight brightness The Quiet mode setting can reduce noise while printing. When Quiet Mode is turned On, You can adjust the brightness of the the print speed becomes slower. The factory Touchscreen LCD backlight.
  • Page 11: Setting The Dim Timer For The Backlight

    General Setup Dial Prefix Setting the Dim Timer for the backlight (MFC models only) You can set how long the Touchscreen LCD The Dial Prefix setting will automatically dial a backlight stays on after you go back to your predefined number before every fax number Home screen.
  • Page 12: Changing The Prefix Number

    Chapter 1 Setting the Fax Logic Changing the prefix number (sending and receiving sequence) Press Press All Settings. You can change the process of manual fax send or receive. If you often send or receive Swipe up or down, or press a or b to a fax manually to/from the other party at the display Initial Setup.
  • Page 13: Security Features

     Page Limits For MFC models only Scan except Scan to USB Scan includes scan jobs via Brother iPrint&Scan. Scan to USB Print and Color Print include print jobs via Google Cloud Print™ and Brother iPrint&Scan. Available for Print, USB Direct Print, Copy.
  • Page 14: Before You Begin To Use Secure Function Lock 3.0

    Click Submit. Type “vmachine’s IP address/” into NOTE your browser’s address bar (where “machine’s IP address” is the IP address The Secure Function Lock icon is of the Brother machine). displayed beneath the time and date. For example:  v192.168.1.2/ NOTE You can find the machine’s IP address in...
  • Page 15: Configure Secure Function Lock 3.0 Using Web Based Management

    Security features Configure Secure Function Select User List / Restricted Functions from the drop-down list for Lock 3.0 Using Web Based each user. Management Set up groups with restrictions and users with a password. You can set up to 100 restricted groups and 100 users.
  • Page 16: Setting Up And Changing The Public User Mode

    Chapter 2 Setting up and changing the Switching Users Public user mode This setting allows you to switch between registered restricted users or Public mode Public user mode restricts the operations that when Secure Function Lock is turned on. are available for all users who do not have a password.
  • Page 17: Active Directory Authentication

    Press XXXXX Active Directory Authentication restricts the (Where xxxxx is the user’s name.) use of the Brother machine. If Active Directory Authentication is enabled, the Press Go to Public. machine's control panel will be locked. The machine's settings cannot be changed until...
  • Page 18: Turning Active Directory Authentication Lock On/Off

    (where over the network, such as print jobs sent from “machine’s IP address” is the IP address computers to a printer. Because the data is of the Brother machine). encrypted at the network layer, applications  For example: that use a higher-level protocol use IPsec even if the user is not aware of its use.
  • Page 19: Setting Lock

    Contact your Swipe up or down, or press a or b to administrator or Brother customer service. display General Setup. While the Setting Lock is On, you cannot access the machine's settings.
  • Page 20: Changing The Setting Lock Administrator Password

    Chapter 2 Changing the Setting Lock Turning Setting Lock on/off administrator password If you enter the wrong password, the Touchscreen displays Wrong Password. Enter the correct password. Press Turning Setting Lock on Press All Settings. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to Press display General Setup.
  • Page 21: Dial Restriction (Mfc Models Only)

    Security features Dial Restriction Address Book restriction (MFC models only) Press This feature is to prevent users from sending a fax or call to a wrong number by mistake. Press All Settings. You can set the machine to restrict dialling when you use the dial pad, Address Book and Swipe up or down, or press a or b to Shortcuts.
  • Page 22: Ldap Server Restriction

    Chapter 2 LDAP server restriction Press Press All Settings. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Fax. Press Fax. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Dial Restriction. Press Dial Restriction. Press LDAP Server. Press Enter # Twice, On or Off.
  • Page 23: Sending A Fax (Mfc Models Only)

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Additional sending Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display the setting you want, and then options press the setting. Press the option you want. Sending faxes using multiple Do one of the following: settings Repeat steps c and d to change ...
  • Page 24: Changing A 2-Sided Fax Layout

    Chapter 3 Changing a 2-sided fax layout If your document is flipped on the  Short edge, press 2-sided Scan: Short Edge. You must choose a 2-sided scanning format before you send a 2-sided fax. The format you choose will depend on the layout of your Short edge 2-sided document.
  • Page 25: Contrast

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Contrast Changing Fax Resolution For most documents the default setting of The quality of a fax can be improved by Auto will give the best results. changing the Fax Resolution. This is a Auto automatically chooses the appropriate temporary setting that will only be active for contrast for your document.
  • Page 26: Additional Sending Operations

    Chapter 3 Additional sending Dual access operations You can dial a number and start scanning the fax into memory—even when the machine is sending from memory, receiving faxes or Sending a fax manually printing computer jobs. The Touchscreen displays the new job number. Manual transmission The number of pages you can scan into the memory will vary depending on the type of...
  • Page 27: Broadcasting

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Broadcasting How to broadcast a fax Load your document. Broadcasting lets you send the same fax message to more than one fax number. You Do one of the following: can include Groups, Address Book numbers ...
  • Page 28: Cancelling A Broadcast In Progress

    Chapter 3 After you enter all the fax numbers by Cancelling a Broadcast in progress repeating steps f and g, press OK. While broadcasting you can cancel the fax currently being sent or the whole broadcast Press Fax Start. job. After the broadcast is finished, the machine will print a broadcast report to Press...
  • Page 29: Real Time Transmission

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Real Time Transmission Overseas Mode When you are sending a fax, the machine will If you are having difficulty sending a fax scan the document into the memory before overseas due to a bad connection, then sending it.
  • Page 30: Delayed Fax

    Chapter 3 Delayed Fax Delayed batch transmission You can store up to 50 faxes in the memory Before sending the delayed faxes, your to be sent within a 24-hour period. machine will help you economize by sorting all the faxes in the memory by destination and Load your document.
  • Page 31: Checking And Cancelling Waiting Jobs

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Checking and cancelling Setting your changes as the waiting jobs new default Check which jobs are still waiting in the You can save the fax settings for Fax memory to be sent. If there are no jobs, the Resolution, Contrast, Glass Scan Touchscreen displays No Jobs Waiting.
  • Page 32: Restoring All Fax Settings To The Factory Settings

    Chapter 3 Restoring all fax settings to Saving fax options as a the factory settings Shortcut You can restore all the fax settings you have You can store all the new fax options you use changed to the factory settings. These frequently by saving them as a Shortcut.
  • Page 33: Electronic Cover Page

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Electronic cover page Enter the pinyin using the Touchscreen's keyboard. (To help you enter letters, see Basic User's Guide.) You will need to have programmed your Press OK. Station ID in order to use this feature (see Basic User's Guide).
  • Page 34 Chapter 3 Composing your own comments Send a cover page for the next fax You can set up two comments of your own. If you want to send a cover page for the next fax, you can add the cover page. Press Do one of the following: When Fax Preview is set to Off,...
  • Page 35: Destination Display

    Sending a fax (MFC models only) Destination Display Using a printed cover page If you want a printed cover page you can write When you send a fax, the machine displays on, print the sample page and attach it to your the information from the Address Book or the fax.
  • Page 36: Receiving A Fax (Mfc Models Only)

    Receiving a fax (MFC models only) Memory Receive Do one of the following:  Press Manual to enter the Options forwarding fax number (up to 20 characters) using the Touchscreen's Memory Receive lets you receive faxes while keyboard (see Basic User's Guide). you are away from the machine.
  • Page 37: Fax Storage

    Receiving a fax (MFC models only) Fax Storage Changing Memory Receive Options The Fax Storage feature lets you store your received faxes in the machine’s memory. You If received faxes are in your machine’s can retrieve stored fax messages from a fax memory when you change the Memory machine at another location using the remote Receive operations, the Touchscreen will ask...
  • Page 38: Turning Off Memory Receive Options

    Chapter 4 Turning off Memory Receive Options Press Press All Settings. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Fax. Press Fax. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Setup Receive. Press Setup Receive. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Memory Receive.
  • Page 39: Remote Retrieval

    Receiving a fax (MFC models only) Remote retrieval NOTE You can change your code at any time. To You can call your machine from any touch- make your code inactive, press and hold tone phone or fax machine and then use the at step g to restore the default setting remote access code and remote commands –...
  • Page 40: Remote Fax Commands

    Chapter 4 Remote fax commands Follow the commands in the table to access features when you are away from the machine. When you call the machine and enter your remote access code (3 digits followed by l), the system will give two short beeps and you must enter a remote command.
  • Page 41: Retrieving Fax Messages

    Receiving a fax (MFC models only) Retrieving fax messages Changing the Fax Forwarding number You can call your machine from any touch- tone telephone or fax machine and have your You can change your fax forwarding number fax messages sent to another machine. from another touch-tone telephone or fax Before you use this feature, you have to turn machine.
  • Page 42: Additional Receiving Operations

    Chapter 4 Additional receiving 2-sided printing for Fax mode operations Your machine prints received faxes on both sides of the paper when 2-sided is set to Printing a reduced incoming Use A4 sized paper for this setting (60 to 105 g/m If you choose On, the machine reduces each page of an incoming fax to fit on one page of Press...
  • Page 43: Setting The Fax Receive Stamp

    Receiving a fax (MFC models only) Setting the Fax Receive Printing a fax from the Stamp memory You can set the machine to print the received If you choose Fax Storage, you can still date and time at the top centre of each print a fax from the memory when you are at received fax page.
  • Page 44: Dialling And Storing Numbers (Mfc Models Only)

    (see Basic User's Guide). For example, you might have stored ‘01632’ in Address Book: Brother 1 and ‘960555’ in Address Book: Brother 2. You can use them both to dial ‘01632-960555’ if you press the...
  • Page 45: Additional Ways To Store Numbers

    Dialling and storing numbers (MFC models only) Additional ways to Setting up Groups for Broadcasting store numbers A Group, which can be stored in the Address Storing Address Book Book, allows you to send the same fax message to many fax numbers by pressing numbers from Outgoing Calls Fax, Address Book, Group name, Apply and Fax Start.
  • Page 46 Chapter 5 Do one of the following: Enter the new pinyin (up to 15 characters) using the Touchscreen's  To store another Group for keyboard. broadcasting, repeat steps c - k. Press OK.  To finish storing Groups for NOTE broadcasting, press How to change the stored pinyin: NOTE...
  • Page 47 Dialling and storing numbers (MFC models only) Adding or deleting Group numbers Press (Fax). Press Address Book. Press Edit. Press Change. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display the Group you want. Press the Group name. Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display Add/Delete.
  • Page 48: Printing Reports

    Printing reports Fax reports Swipe up or down, or press a or b to choose an interval. (MFC models only) If you choose Every 50 Faxes, go to step m.  6, 12, 24 hours, 2 or 7 days Press on the Touchscreen to set up the The machine will print the report at Transmission Verification Report and the...
  • Page 49: Reports

    7 Drum Dot Print To print the Transmission  Prints the Drum Dot Check Sheet to Verification Report, press Print troubleshoot a dotted print problem. Report. 8 WLAN Report (MFC-L8650CDW) Press OK. Prints the result of wireless LAN connectivity diagnosis.
  • Page 50: Making Copies

    Making copies Copy settings Improving copy quality You can choose from a range of quality You can change the copy settings for the next settings. The factory setting is Auto. copy.  Auto These settings are temporary. The machine returns to its default settings one minute after Auto is the recommended mode for copying.
  • Page 51: Enlarging Or Reducing Copies

    Making copies Enlarging or reducing copies 100%* To enlarge or reduce the next copy follow 200% these steps: 141% A5A4 104% EXELTR Load your document. 97% LTRA4 94% A4LTR Press (Copy). 91% Full Page 85% LTREXE Enter the number of copies you want. 83% LGLA4 Press Options.
  • Page 52: 2-Sided Copying

    Chapter 7 2-sided Copying (MFC-L8650CDW) If you want to use the automatic 2-sided copy You must choose a 2-sided copy layout from feature, load your document in the ADF. the following options before you can start Portrait 2-sided copying. The layout of your document determines which 2-sided copy layout you 2–sidedi2–sided...
  • Page 53 1–sidedi2–sided Long Edge Flip  1-sided2-sided Short Edge Flip, 2-sided1-sided Short Edge Flip MFC-L8650CDW  2–sidedi1–sided Long Edge Flip Press the option you want. If you do not want to change additional settings, press OK. Press Colour Start or Mono Start to scan the page.
  • Page 54: Tray Selection

    Chapter 7 Tray selection Adjusting Density and Contrast You can change the Tray Use option for the next copy. Density Load your document. Adjust the copy density to make copies darker or lighter. Press (Copy). Load your document. Enter the number of copies. Press (Copy).
  • Page 55: Sorting Copies

    Making copies Sorting copies Contrast Adjust the contrast to help an image look You can sort multiple copies. Pages will be sharper and more vivid. sorted in the order 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, and so Load your document.
  • Page 56: Making N In 1 Copies

    Chapter 7 Making N in 1 copies If you are using the scanner glass, go to step k. (page layout) After the machine scans the page, press You can reduce the amount of paper used Yes to scan the next page. when copying by using the N in 1 copy feature.
  • Page 57 Making copies If you are copying from the scanner glass: Place your document face down in the direction shown in the illustration:  2in1(P)  2in1(L)  4in1(P)  4in1(L)
  • Page 58: In 1 Id Copy

    Chapter 7 2 in 1 ID Copy Press Colour Start or Mono Start. The machine starts scanning one side of the identification card. You can copy both sides of your identification card onto one page, keeping the original card After the machine has scanned one size.
  • Page 59: Adjusting The Colour Saturation

    Making copies Adjusting the Colour Making 2-sided N in 1 copies Saturation (MFC-L8650CDW) You can change the default setting for colour When you make 2-sided N in 1 copies from a saturation. 2-sided document, you must choose a layout option in 2-sided Copy Page Layout.
  • Page 60: Removing Background Colour

    Chapter 7 Removing Background Select 2in1(P), 2in1(L), 4in1(P) or 4in1(L) in Page Layout Colour (see Making N in 1 copies (page layout) on page 50). Remove Background Colour removes the background colour of the document when Swipe up or down, or press a or b to copying.
  • Page 61: Saving Copy Options As A Shortcut

    Making copies Saving copy options as a Press OK to save your Shortcut. Shortcut MFC-L8650CDW Saving paper You can store the copy options you use most often by saving them as a Shortcut. You can use the Paper Save preset to reduce the amount of paper consumed for copies.
  • Page 62: A Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance Checking the machine Checking the remaining life of toner cartridges Printing the Test Print You can see the approximate remaining life of each toner cartridge. You can print a Test Print page to check your print quality. Press Press Press Toner Life.
  • Page 63: Replacing Periodic Maintenance Parts

    50,000 pages for PF Kit MP and 100,000 pages for PF Kit 1, PF Kit 2 , Fuser and Laser. Contact Brother customer service when these messages appear on the Touchscreen. Touchscreen Description message Replace the fuser unit.
  • Page 64: Packing And Shipping The Machine

    Packing and shipping Press and hold down to turn off the the machine machine. Leave the machine turned off for at least 10 minutes to cool down. Disconnect all the cables, and then WARNING unplug the power cord from the electrical socket.
  • Page 65 Routine maintenance Wrap the machine in a plastic bag, then Place the packing material (2) marked place it on the bottom packing “RIGHT” on the right of the machine. material (1). Place the packing material (3) marked “LEFT” on the left of the machine. Place the AC power cord and printed materials in the original carton as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 66 <If you have a Lower Tray> Repack the lower tray as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 67: B Options

    Options Options This machine has the following optional accessories. You can increase the capabilities of the machine with these items. Lower tray unit SO-DIMM memory LT-320CL...
  • Page 68: Optional Paper Tray

    Capacity 256 MB Height 30.0 mm DRAM type DDR2 SDRAM NOTE • There might be some SO-DIMMs that will not work with the machine. • For more information, call the dealer you bought the machine from or Brother customer service.
  • Page 69: Installing Extra Memory

    Options Installing extra memory Hold the SO-DIMM by the edges and align the notches in the SO-DIMM with the protrusions in the slot. Insert the Turn off the machine’s power switch. SO-DIMM diagonally (1), then tilt it Unplug the telephone line cord. toward the interface board until it locks into place (2).
  • Page 70 Plug the machine’s power cord back into the AC power outlet first, and then connect the interface cable. Plug in the telephone line cord. Turn on the machine’s power switch. NOTE To make sure that you have installed the SO-DIMM correctly, you can print the User Settings List that shows the current RAM SIZE, (see How to print a report on page 43.)
  • Page 71: C Glossary

    Glossary This is a comprehensive list of features and terms that appear in Brother manuals. Availability of these features depends on the model you purchased. Address Book Cancel Job Names and numbers you have stored for Cancels a programmed print job and easy dialling.
  • Page 72 Journal Reports. You can print the Fax Journal on demand without interrupting F/T Ring Time the cycle. The length of time that the Brother Manual fax machine fast double-rings (when the Receive Mode setting is Fax/Tel) to notify When you press Hook to hear the you to pick up a voice call that it answered.
  • Page 73 Glossary Pulse Settings Tables A form of rotary dialling on a telephone At-a-glance instructions that show all the line. settings and options that are available for setting up your machine. Real Time Transmission Station ID When memory is full, you can send faxes in real time.
  • Page 74: Index

    Index Numerics 2-sided copy ..........46 Cancelling broadcast in process ......22 fax jobs in memory ....... 25 fax storage ..........31 Address Book jobs awaiting redial ....... 25 broadcasting .........21 memory receive options ....... 32 using Groups ........21 ControlCenter2 (for Macintosh) Group dial See Software and Network User's Guide.
  • Page 75 Enlarge/Reduce ........45 Machine information checking remaining life of parts .... 56 page counts .......... 56 Macintosh Fax codes See Software and Network User's Guide. changing ..........33 Maintenance, routine ....... 56 remote access code ......33 checking the remaining life of parts ..56 Fax forwarding Manual changing remotely ......
  • Page 76 ® Quality Windows copying ..........44 See Software and Network User's Guide. Quiet mode ..........4 Wireless Network See Quick Setup Guide and Software and Network User's Guide. Reducing copies ............45 incoming faxes ........36 Remote retrieval ........33 access code ..........33 commands ..........34 getting your faxes ........35 Remote setup See Software and Network User's Guide.
  • Page 77 Visit us on the World Wide Web These machines are approved for use in the country of purchase only. Local Brother companies or their dealers will only support machines purchased in their own countries.

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