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Venting; Venting Requirements; Plan Vent System - Whirlpool WGD7600XW0 Installation Instructions Manual

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Venting Requirements

Fire Hazard
Use a heavy metal vent.
Do not use a plastic vent.
Do not use a metal foil vent.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death
or fire.
To reduce the risk of fire, this dryer MUST BE
IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
The dryer exhaust must not be connected into any gas vent,
chimney, wall, ceiling, attic, crawlspace, or a concealed space
of a building. Only rigid or flexible metal vent shall be used
for exhausting.
If using an existing vent system
Clean lint from the entire length of the system and make
sure exhaust hood is not plugged with lint.
Replace any plastic or metal foil vent with rigid or flexible
heavy metal vent.
Review vent system chart. Modify existing vent system
if necessary to achieve the best drying performance.
If this is a new vent system
Vent material
Use a heavy metal vent. Do not use plastic or metal foil vent.
4" (102 mm) heavy metal exhaust vent and clamps must
be used.
4" (102 mm) heavy metal exhaust vent
Vent products can be purchased from your dealer or by calling
Whirlpool Service. For more information, see the "Assistance
or Service" section in your Use and Care Guide.
Rigid metal vent
For best drying performance, rigid metal vents
are recommended.
Rigid metal vent is recommended to avoid crushing and kinking.
102 mm
Flexible metal vent
Flexible metal vents are acceptable only if accessible
for cleaning.
Flexible metal vent must be fully extended and supported
when the dryer is in its final location.
Remove excess flexible metal vent to avoid sagging and kinking
that may result in reduced airflow and poor performance.
Do not install flexible metal vent in enclosed walls, ceilings,
or floors.
The total length of flexible metal vent should not exceed
7¾ ft. (2.4 m).
45° elbows provide better airflow than 90° elbows.
Use clamps to seal all joints.
Exhaust vent must not be connected or secured with screws
or other fastening devices that extend into the interior
of the duct and catch lint. Do not use duct tape.
A and B: Recommended hood styles.
C: Acceptable hood style.
(102 mm)
(102 mm)
A. Louvered hood style
B. Box hood style
C. Angled hood style
An exhaust hood should cap the vent to keep rodents
and insects from entering the home.
Exhaust hood must be at least 12" (305 mm) from the ground
or any object that may be in the path of the exhaust (such
as flowers, rocks, or bushes, snow line, etc.).
(102 mm)
(64 mm)



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