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Complete Installation; Reverse Door Swing - Whirlpool WGD7600XW0 Installation Instructions Manual

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1. Check that all parts are now installed. If there is an extra part,
go back through the steps to see which step was skipped.
2. Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.
3. Check the dryer's final location. Be sure the vent is not crushed
or kinked.
4. Check that the dryer is level. See "Level Dryer."
5. Remove the blue film on the console and any tape remaining
on the dryer.
6. Wipe the dryer drum interior thoroughly with a damp cloth
to remove any dust.
7. Read the "Dryer Use" section in your Use and Care Guide.
Electric Models Only
8. For power supply cord installation, plug into a grounded outlet.
Gas Models Only:
9. Check that gas supply is on.
10. Check for leaks.
All Models:
11. Select a Timed Dry heated cycle, and start the dryer. Do not select
the Air Only Temperature setting.
If the dryer will not start, check the following:
Controls are set in a running or "On" position.
Start button has been pushed firmly.
Dryer is plugged into an outlet and/or electrical supply
is connected.
Household fuse is intact and tight, or circuit breaker
has not tripped.
Dryer door is closed.
This dryer automatically runs an installation diagnostic routine
at the start of its first cycle.
NOTE: You may notice an odor when the dryer is first heated. This
odor is common when the heating element is first used. The odor
will go away.


You can change your door swing from a right-side opening
to a left-side opening, if desired.
1. Place a towel or soft cloth on top of dryer or work space
to avoid damaging the surface.
Remove the door assembly
1. Open the dryer door.
2. Remove the bottom screw from each of the 2 hinges
that attach dryer door to front panel of dryer.
3. Loosen the top screw from each of the 2 hinges in Step 2.
A. Loosen these screws.
B. Remove these screws.
4. Remove the dryer door and the hinges by lifting upward
on the door. Lay the door on a flat, protected surface,
with the inside of the door facing up. Remove remaining
2 loose screws from dryer front panel.
5. Remove the 4 plastic plugs located outside the dryer
door opening.
6. Install 4 plastic plugs into screw holes in the dryer left where
the hinges were removed in Step 4.
Reverse the strike
1. Remove the door strike from the dryer door opening.
2. Remove the cosmetic screw opposite the door strike.
A. Door strike
B. Cosmetic screw



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