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Sanyo FW50C85T Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo FW50C85T

  • Page 1 LCD TV (LED BACKLIGHT) Owner's Manual Manual del Propietario FW50C85T To obtain a more detailed Electronic Copy of this Manual or much further contents, go to Para obtener una Copia Electronica detallada de este Manual o mucho mayor contenido, visite
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    English Contents Search for channels Install channels 1 Notice ................Channel settings Channel installation 2 Important ..............Child lock Positioning the TV Change PIN Regulatory Notices Digital audio language Environmental Care Mono/Stereo Preparing to Move/Ship the Unit Connect to network Wireless setting Wired setting 3 Getting Started...
  • Page 3: Child Safety

    English Register Online at today to get the most benefits from your purchase. Registering your model with SANYO makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don't miss out. Register Online at to ensure: *Product Safety Notification...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Funai is not liable for these types of accidents or Brand Model # Screw dimension injuries noted below. FW50C85T SANUS PLA50B M6 x 0.787” (20mm) • Install the Wall Mount Bracket on a sturdy vertical wall. • If installed onto a ceiling or slanted wall, the TV and •...
  • Page 5: Notice

    Any Modifications to the apparatus must be Approved by Funai. SANYO is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. The user could lose the authority to operate this apparatus if an and is used by Funai Electric Co., Ltd. and Funai Corporation, Inc.
  • Page 6 English Copyright Netflix is available in certain countries. All other registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of Streaming membership required. their respective owners. More information at The terms HDMI and HDMI VUDU is a trademark of High-Definition Multimedia Interface, VUDU, Inc.
  • Page 7: Important

    Unit firmly as illustrated. recycle the packaging. • Install the Unit in a horizontal and stable position. For product recycling information, please visit - • Do not install the Unit in direct sunlight or in a place subject to dust Click on or strong vibration.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    This feature allows you to Block children’s access to inappropriate Programs. Model Quantity Size Closed Caption decoder ● Built-in Closed Caption decoder displays text for Closed Caption supported Programs. FW50C85T M5 x 0.630”(16mm) MTS / SAP tuner ● Audio can be selected from the Remote Control. Auto Standby ●...
  • Page 9: Attaching The Base

    English Attaching the Base Installing the Remote Control Batteries You must attach the base to the Unit to have it as a table top Unit. Be sure the front and rear of the base match the proper direction. For large screen TVs, at least 2 people are required for these steps. Slide the battery cover off the back of the Remote Control.
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    English a B (POWER) Remote Control Turns the TV On from Standby or Off to Standby mode. b PIC/SOUND MODE Optimizes Picture and Sound quality. c 0 - 9 (NUMBER keys) Used to enter a Channel / Program number. • (DOT) : Use with 0-9 to Select Digital channels.
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    English Control Panel Terminals f g h a CH H / I Selects a Channel. In the Menu screen, moves the Cursor Up (H)/Down (I). b VOL J / K i Digital Audio Output jack Adjusts the Volume. In the Menu screen, moves the Cursor Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Output to home theaters and other Digital Left (J) / Right (K).
  • Page 12: Connecting Antenna Or Cable / Satellite / Iptv Set-Top Box

    English Connecting Antenna or Cable / Satellite / Connecting a Cable / Satellite / IPTV Set-top Box, Blu- ray Disc / DVD Recorder via Composite Connectors IPTV Set-top Box and Analog Audio Be sure your Antenna or another Device is connected properly before Do Not place your Recorder too close to the Screen because some plugging in the AC Power Cord.
  • Page 13: Selecting Your Connection Quality

    Note(s) the HDMI port, please try switching the HDMI mode. (Refer to HDMI mode L p. 33) SANYO HDMI supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Contents Protection). HDCP is a form ● Some HDMI cables and devices may not be compatible with the TV due to different HDMI ●...
  • Page 14: Composite Analog Video Connection

    English HDMI-ARC Connection Composite Analog Video Connection HDMI-ARC allows you to use HDMI-CEC to output TV Audio directly to Composite Analog Video Connection offers Standard Picture quality for a connected Audio device, without the need for an additional Digital Video Devices connected to the Unit. Audio cable.
  • Page 15: Digital Audio Output Connection

    English Connecting the TV to the Internet using a Wireless LAN PC Connection HDMI Connection This Unit can be connected to your PC that has an HDMI terminal. Internet Use an HDMI cable for this Digital Connection. Network provisioning equipment HDMI cable HDMI cable HDMI cable...
  • Page 16: Usb Memory Stick

    English The following PC-Input Video signals can be displayed: Format Resolution Refresh rate 640 x 480 SVGA 800 x 600 1,024 x 768 60Hz 1,280 x 768 WXGA 1,360 x 768 1,920 x 1,080 3,840 x 2,160 24/30/60Hz 4,096 x 2,160 Other formats or non-standard signals will not be displayed correctly.
  • Page 17: Initial Setup

    English These Operations are accessible by Remote Control. Use H I to Select the signal type. Some may also be accessible by the Main Unit's Control Panel. If the TV is connected to a Cable or Satellite Set-top Box, select ●...
  • Page 18 English After an Initial Setup is completed... Use H I to Select your preferred picture setting, then press OK. If you want to scan the channels Automatically again. ● Search for channels L p. 35 Please select your preferred picture mode. Standard You can add the desired channels not memorized by Autoprogram ●...
  • Page 19: Use Your Tv

    English 4 Use your TV Switching Channels Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode Remote Control Remote Control To Turn the TV On from Standby or Off to Standby Press B on the Side panel or the Remote Control. ●...
  • Page 20: Watching Channels From An External Device

    English Watching Channels from an External Lock or unlock your device from the Home menu Device This section describes how to lock or unlock specified device. Press SOURCE on the Remote Control. Switching Each Input Mode can easily switch with the Remote Control between TV and external devices when they are connected to the unit.
  • Page 21: Create A List Of Favorite Channels

    English Create a list of favorite channels Changing Pix Shape You can create lists of your preferred TV channels so that you can find Display Modes can be Selected when your TV receives a 16:9 or 4:3 those channels easily. Video Signal.
  • Page 22: Tv Screen Information

    English For 4:3 Video signal TV Screen information You can display the currently selected channel or other information such as the aspect ratio on the TV screen. In the Digital mode, the detailed broadcasting information for the current off-the-air channel such as program title and program guides are Automatic Super zoom displayed.
  • Page 23: Using Options Menu

    English c Picture and sound Using Options menu Following settings can be configured. You can access to some TV settings directly by using OPTIONS. To set predefined picture mode. Auto picture Picture L p. 28 Press OPTIONS to display options menu, then press OK. To set predefined sound mode.
  • Page 24: Usb

    English Note(s) This unit accepts USB Memory Stick only. Other storage devices such as external HDD by ● Your TV is fitted with a USB connection that enables you to view Photos, USB Bus Power will not work. listen to Music or watch Video files stored on a USB Memory Stick. Do not use an Extension Cord and/or USB Hub to connect devices to this Unit.
  • Page 25: Viewing Photos

    English Viewing photos Playing music Use J K to Select Photo, then press OK. Use J K to Select Music, then press OK. Use J K to Select the desired item, then press OK. Use J K to Select the desired item, then press OK. Press OK or K F to start a Slide show of the files.
  • Page 26 English Playing movies Use J K to Select Movie, then press OK. Use J K to Select the desired item, then press OK. Press OK or K F to play the selected files. Press OK or K F to pause, then press OK or K F again to ●...
  • Page 27: Making More Use With Your Tv

    English 5 Making more use with your TV Picture setup L p. 28 Guides you to get the best picture and sound settings. This section describes the overview of the Setup menu displayed when you press Z and use J K to Select Setup. The Setup menu consists of the function setting items below.
  • Page 28: Picture Setup

    English Picture setup When you adjust the following settings, Personal picture will be set automatically. Before you begin: Cursor I Cursor H You must set Home in Location. L p. 33 to Reduce Power to Increase Power Backlight Consumption and Consumption and Otherwise, personalized Picture and Sound settings will not be Brightness...
  • Page 29 English You can set a Particular Picture Quality using Advanced to set color enhancement to Off Color settings. enhancement to make colors more vivid and bright to Select the desired setting, then press OK Auto picture Color alignment Mode (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Magenta) Backlight Noise reduction Red gain...
  • Page 30: Sound

    English This selects Sound modes for more Spatial or Surround sound Sound reproduction. to set Sonic Emotion to Off Sonic Before you begin: Emotion to set Sonic Emotion to On You must set Home in Location. L p. 33 to set Dialog Enhancement to Off Dialog Otherwise, personalized Picture and Sound settings will not be Sonic...
  • Page 31: Features

    English You can choose the Size, Font, Color, Background and other Features characteristics of the Caption Text. Reset to You can reset the status of Digital Press Z and use J K to Select Setup then press OK. default caption options. You can change Closed Captioning font style, Use H I J K to Select TV settings, then press OK.
  • Page 32: Installation

    English Digital audio preferences Note(s) Digital caption service that you can switch differs depending on the broadcast description. You can set the interpretive broadcasting by an audio explanation. ● Closed Captioning service may not be controlled by this unit’s menu options if you are ●...
  • Page 33: Hdmi Mode

    English HDMI mode Language If there are issues with picture/color and/or sound when connecting an You can set the language for the On-screen display. external device using the HDMI port, please try switching the HDMI mode following the instructions below. Use H I to Select Language, then press OK.
  • Page 34: System Audio Control

    Note(s) HDMI-ARC HDMI cable solely, provided both the (HDMI 1 only) SANYO does not guarantee 100% interoperability with all HDMI CEC devices. ● TV and device are HDMI-ARC The fun-Link-compliant device must be Switched On and selected as the source.
  • Page 35: Search For Channels

    English Search for channels Channel installation Be sure the RF cable is correctly connected to this Unit and you are Be sure the RF cable is correctly connected to this Unit and you are registered with your Cable TV provider when you Install Cable channels. registered with your Cable TV provider when you Install Cable channels.
  • Page 36: Child Lock

    English TV ratings lock Child lock You can prevent your children from watching certain Programs or certain TV ratings lock Channels by locking the TV Controls and by using Ratings. Movie ratings lock None Use H I to Select Child lock, then press OK. Canadian English rating TV-Y Canadian French rating...
  • Page 37: Change Pin

    English US TV ratings Sub rating Change PIN TV-Y7 Fantasy Violence Although the default PIN code (0000) is supplied with the Unit, you can TV-PG Violence set your own PIN code. Language TV-14 Dialog Use H I to Select Change PIN, then press OK. Violence Press the NUMBER buttons to enter the Current 4-digit PIN code.
  • Page 38: Connect To Network

    English Connect to network Wireless setting Select to use a wireless LAN to connect to the Internet by a wireless Setup Network Connection Settings in order to use Apps or Network connection. Upgrade functions. Use H I to Select Wireless, then press OK. The meanings of abbreviations are defined as below.
  • Page 39: Network Settings

    English Select this Setting if your Router has a Wi-Fi Network settings Protected Setup (WPS) button. Start Scanning for wireless networks on the TV after pressing the Simple Connect WPS button on your Router. If Connection Test Press Z and use J K to Select Setup then press OK. fails, try Simple Connect again.
  • Page 40 English IP configuration Manually enter your SSID In following cases, select IP configuration to set each setting as Set up the connection to the AP (e.g. Wireless Router) manually by entering the SSID. necessary. When Connection Test failed with the setting of Connection test. –...
  • Page 41: Connection Test

    English Proxy configuration Connection test Use H I to Select Proxy configuration, then press OK. Use H I to Select a setting, then press OK. Perform the following steps to Test your Internet connection after you have connected an Ethernet Cable or entered Network Settings such as IP Address, DNS Settings, etc.
  • Page 42: Home Network

    English YouTube deactivation Home network Displays the deactivation setting for YouTube. You can turn your TV into a Digital Media Renderer (DMR), which can Use H I to Select Apps, then press OK. play video, music and photo files stored on certified home media servers connected to your home network.
  • Page 43: Update Software

    Only FAT / DOS-formatted portable memory is supported. ● Use only software upgrades that can be found on the SANYO web site. ● Software update is in progress. Please wait. Do not remove the USB storage device or turn the TV off Warning while upgrade is in progress.
  • Page 44: Network Updates

    English Software settings Network updates You can update the software by connecting the unit to the Internet. Press Z and use J K to Select Setup then press OK. Software Use H I J K to Select Update software, then press OK. Press Z and use J K to Select Setup then press OK.
  • Page 45: Miracast

    English Miracast View photos, play music and watch videos using Home network You can view the screen from smartphones and PC on your TV connected to the devices via Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi DirectN. On your TV you can play video, music and photo files stored on Home network certified home media servers connected to your home network.
  • Page 46 English Using Home network View your pictures using Home network Start Home network media servers in your home network. Press H I to Select a file or a folder. For details, refer to the instruction book of the Home network ●...
  • Page 47 English Listen to music using Home network Watch videos using Home network Press H I to Select a file or a folder. Press H I to Select a file or a folder. Press OK or K F to play the selected files. Press OK or K F to play the selected files.
  • Page 48: Apps

    Terms of Use : Displays a copy of Net Service. : Netflix : VUDU : CinemaNow For additional help, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions FAQs at Select TV and enter your Model Number. Continued on next page.
  • Page 49: Pandoran Operations

    English Creating a New Station PandoraN operations By entering your favorite artists or tracks, Pandora selects music and With this Unit, you can instantly listen to personalized radio stations creates a new station for you on the basis of the entered information. streamed over the Internet from Pandora.
  • Page 50: Useful Tips

    English 6 Useful tips Question Answer Check the Antenna or Cable Connection to the Main Unit. ● Check the Batteries on the Remote Control. ● Check if there is an obstacle between the infrared sensor window and the Remote Control. ●...
  • Page 51: Troubleshooting Tips

    Universal Remote Control does not work properly. Power Cord and turn On the Unit again. Refer to the user manual of the universal remote control for the SANYO code. ● Check whether the connection of the Antenna or Cable / Satellite Set-top Box ●...
  • Page 52 English Closed Captions Streaming movie (Netflix or VUDU) often stops or starts buffering Closed Captions are displayed as a white box. No Closed Captions during playback. Contact your Internet service provider to troubleshoot your Internet connection are displayed in the Closed Captions-Supported Program. ●...
  • Page 53: Information

    English 7 Information Glossary Maintenance Analog TV (NTSC) Cabinet Cleaning Acronym that stands for National Television Systems Committee and the Wipe the front panel and other exterior surfaces of the Unit with a soft ● name of Analog broadcasting standards. cloth.
  • Page 54: Specifications

    English 8 Specifications Model # FW50C85T Picture Type UHD (Ultra HD) (3840 x 2160 pixels 60Hz) 16:9 Aspect ratio Viewing Angles 178° (V) by 178° (H) Built-in Digital / Analog Tuner ATSC (Digital) / NTSC (Analog) Sound Mono / Stereo...
  • Page 55 A5LUZU2 ★★★★★...