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Disclaimers - Tesla X Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Vehicle Telematics/Data Recorders
This vehicle is equipped with electronic
modules that monitor and record data from
various vehicle systems, including the motor,
Battery, braking and electrical systems. The
electronic modules record information about
various driving and vehicle conditions,
including braking, acceleration, trip and other
related information regarding your vehicle.
These modules also record information about
the vehicle's features such as charging events
and status, the enabling/disabling of various
systems, diagnostic trouble codes, VIN, speed,
direction and location.
The data is stored by the vehicle and may be
accessed, used and stored by Tesla service
technicians during vehicle servicing or
periodically transmitted to Tesla wirelessly
through the vehicle's telematics system. This
data may be used by Tesla for various
purposes, including, but not limited to:
providing you with Tesla telematics services;
troubleshooting; evaluation of your vehicle's
quality, functionality and performance;
analysis and research by Tesla and its partners
for the improvement and design of our
vehicles and systems; and as otherwise may
be required by law. In servicing your vehicle,
we can potentially resolve issues remotely
simply by reviewing your vehicle's data log.
Tesla's telematics system wirelessly transmits
vehicle information to Tesla on a periodic
basis. The data is used as described above and
helps ensure the proper maintenance of your
vehicle. Additional Model X features may use
your vehicle's telematics system and the
information provided, including features such
as charging reminders, software updates, and
remote access to, and control of, various
systems of your vehicle.
Tesla does not disclose the data recorded in
your vehicle to any third party except when:
An agreement or consent from the
vehicle's owner (or the leasing company
for a leased vehicle) is obtained.
Officially requested by the police or other
Used as a defense for Tesla in a lawsuit.
Ordered by a court of law.
Used for research purposes without
disclosing details of the vehicle owner or
identification information.
Disclosed to a Tesla affiliated company,
including their successors or assigns, or
our information systems and data
management providers.
Consumer Information
In addition, Tesla does not disclose the data
recorded to an owner unless it pertains to a
non-warranty repair service and in this case,
will disclose only the data that is related to the
Quality Control
You might notice a few miles/km on the
odometer when you take delivery of your
Model X. This is a result of a comprehensive
testing process that ensures the quality of
your Model X.
The testing process includes extensive
inspections during and after production. The
final inspection takes place at Tesla Motors
and includes a road test conducted by a
California Proposition 65
Warning: Certain vehicle components
contain or emit chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer and
birth defects or other reproductive harm.
In addition, certain fluids contained in
vehicles and certain products of
component wear contain or emit
chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer and birth
defects or other reproductive harm.
Warning: Certain components of this
vehicle such as airbag modules and seat
belt pre-tensioners may contain
Perchlorate Material. Special handling
may be required for service or vehicle end
of life disposal. See
Warning: Battery posts, terminals, and
related accessories contain lead and lead
compounds. Wash hands after handling.


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Table of Contents

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