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Operation; Multimedia Keys - Fujitsu KB SCR2 Operating Manual

Security usb keyboard
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8 - English
The KB SCR2 eSIG and KB SCR2 keyboards have a CCID-compatible card reader. CCID is a
standard interface which is supported from Windows XP onwards with a generic driver.
In order to use Secure PIN Entry (SPE), please install the SmartCard reader driver supplied on the
"Drivers & Utilities" DVD.


Position the keyboard so that you can use it without any noticeable strain.
The keyboard should be parallel to the upper part of your body. This positioning will help you to
keep your shoulders and arms in a relaxed position.
The distance between the keyboard and the edge of the desk should be 5 to 10 cm.
When typing, hold your hands and forearms so that they form as natural a line as possible.
Do not angle your hands too far to the left or right.
Relax your hands by occasionally taking a break from typing.
When you feel the need, do some exercises to loosen up.

Multimedia keys

Use this key to start or temporarily pause the playback of a title just as you would
with a normal CD player.
Decrease volume
Use this key to decrease the volume of the connected loudspeakers.
Increase volume
Use this key to increase the volume of the connected loudspeakers.
Use this key to launch the calculator program on your system.
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