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Getting Started; Connecting The Device To Usb Port; Installing Drivers And Software - Fujitsu KB SCR2 Operating Manual

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Getting started

Getting started
The KB SCR2 eSIG and KB SCR2 keyboards feature an integrated SmartCard reader on the top (1).
The SmartCard reader can be used to read and write SmartCards. Corresponding software is
required for this purpose, e.g. for SmartCard login, online banking or applications with digital
Please insert the SmartCard into the SmartCard reader with the chip facing towards you.

Connecting the device to USB port

Your device is a plug-and-play device. You can connect the device while the PC is running, so there
is no need to switch it off first.
Insert the USB connector into one of the available USB ports on your PC.
The device will be recognised automatically. The operating system will then attempt to install the

Installing drivers and software

Drivers need to be installed before you can use the SmartCard reader.
Every keyboard is provided with a "Driver & Utilities" DVD with the necessary drivers and software
tools for use:
Insert the "Drivers & Utilities" DVD into the drive.
Follow the instructions in the New Hardware Wizard, which guides you through the installation
and automatically finds all required drivers on the inserted DVD.
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Table of Contents

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