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Maintenance; Service Information - Black & Decker 9036 Manual

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complete discharge of the battery pack. To disassemble
the tool, remove the screws in the side of the tool body.
Take the two body halves apart and you will find the
battery pack. Lift the battery pack out and cut the wires
connected to it.


Keep guards, air vents and the motor housing as clear as
possible of dust and dirt. Wipe with a clean cloth and blow
through with a low-pressure air supply. Excessive build-up
of metal dust can cause tracking of electrical current from
the internal parts to exposed metal parts.
Important! To assure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY,
repairs, maintenance and adjustment (other than those
listed in this manual) should be performed by authorized
service centers or other qualified service personnel,
always using identical replacement parts.
Recommended accessories for use with your tool are
available at extra cost from your local dealer or authorized
serv- ice center.
Warning! The use of any accessory not recommended
for use with this tool could be hazardous.
Separate collection. This product must not be
disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your
BLACK+DECKER product needs replacement, or
if it is of no further use to you, do not dispose of it
with household waste. Make this product available
for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging
allows materials to be recycled and used again.
Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and reduces the demand
for raw materials. Local regulations may provide for
separate collection of electrical products from the
household, at municipal waste sites or by the
retailer when you purchase a new product.
BLACK+DECKER batteries can be recharged
many times. At the end of their useful life,
discard batteries with due care for our
f Run the battery down completely, then remove it from
the tool.
f NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries are recyclable.
Take them to any authorized repair agent or a local
recycling station.


BLACK+DECKER offers a full network of company-owned
and authorized service locations throughtout Asia. All
BLACK+DECKER Service Centers are staffed with trained
personnel to provide customers with efficient and reliable
product service.
Whether you need technical advice, repair, or genuine
factory replacement parts, contact the BLACK+DECKER
location nearest to you.
f BLACK+DECKER's policy is one of continuous
improvement to our products and, as such, we
reserve the right to change product specifications
without prior notice.
f Standard equipment and accessories may vary by
f Product specifications may differ by country.
f Complete product range may not be available in all
countries. Contact your local BLACK+DECKER
dealers for range availability.

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