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Installation - NEC NLT-40HDEM2 Owner's Manual

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This set operates on an AC mains supply, the voltage is as
indicated on the label on the back cover. Never apply DC
power to the set. In the event of thunderstorms or power-
cuts, please pull out the aerial and mains plugs.
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the set to
rain or moisture. Do not rub or strike the Active Matrix LCD
with anything hard as this may scratch, mar, or damage the
Active Matrix LCD permanently.
Never remove the back cover of the set as this can expose
you to very high voltage and other hazards. If the set does
not operate properly, unplug it and call your dealer.
Connect the aerial cable to the socket marked
the back cover. For the best reception an outdoor aerial
should be used.
Position your set so that no bright light or sunlight falls
directly onto the screen. Care should be taken not to
expose the set to any unnecessary vibration, moisture,
dust or heat. Also ensure that the set is placed in a posi-
tion to allow a free flow of air. Do not cover the ventilation
openings on the back cover.
Unplug the set before cleaning the face of the LCD Screen.
Dust the set by wiping the screen and the cabinet with a
soft, clean cloth. If the screen requires additional cleaning,
use a clean, damp cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners or
aerosol cleaners.
If the TV feels cold to the touch, there may be a small
"flicker" when it is turned on. This is normal, there is noth-
ing wrong with TV.
Some minute dot defects may be visible on the screen,
appearing as tiny red, green, or blue spots.
However, they have no adverse effect on the monitor's per-
Avoid touching the LCD screen or holding your finger(s)
against it for long periods of time. Doing so may produce
some temporary distortion effects on the screen.
On Disposal
a. The fluorescent lamp used in this product contains a
small amount of mercury.
+75 Ω on
b. Do not dispose of this product with general household
c. Disposal of this product must be carried out in accor-
dance to the regulations of your local
To preserve the Environment,
do not rubbish.


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