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Introduction; Features; Introduction Features; Installation - NEC FP-68T30 Instruction Manual

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16:9 screen
You can select a desired 16:9 (wide screen) screen mode for movi
A variety of AV terminals for external equipment connection.
¡ÜTwo sets of video/audio inputs on the rear and one set on the s
¡ÜS-VIDEO terminals.
¡ÜOne set of monitor output terminals.
Selectable picture and selectable sound
Allows one-touch selection of your favorite picture quality and
NICAM and German stereo/bilingual broadcasts receivable
Off-timer and On-timer
Turns off the TV automatically and will turn it back on at a pre


¡ÜINSTALL the unit in a room where direct light will not fall upo
Tonal darkness or a reflection on the picture screen may cause e
recommended for comfortable viewing.
¡ÜALLOW enough space between the unit and the wall for proper ven
¡ÜAVOID excessively warm locations to prevent possible damage to
¡ÜRATED VOLTAGE: 110-240V~, 50/60Hz
Automatic degaussing
All colour television receivers are sensitive to magnetic influe nces usually caused by either moving the
receiver from one place to another or using certain electrical a
magnetism, as it is called, sometimes causes distortion which gi ves rise to ¡°blotchy¡±areas of colour
in the picture. To avoid these effects, the receiver incorporate
This circuit removes any residual magnetism in the metal parts o
each time the receiver is turned ¡°ON¡±using the main switch, the purity of the colours displayed o
screen remains true and lifelike. If the unit is moved or made t
switch must be off at least 30 minutes in order for the automati
es as well as the normal 4:3 picture
tone quality.
set time.
n the screen.
yestrain. Soft and indirect lighting is
the cabinet or components.
ppliances near the receiver. This residual
s an automatic degaussing switch.
f the picture tube and ensures that
o face a different direction, the main
c degaussing circuit to operate properly.
n the


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