Removing The Transceiver; Operation - Nokia 6090 DIN/ISO Installation Manual

Din/iso installation kit
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Removing the transceiver

The transceiver can be removed by first removing the front panel from
the bracket. The transceiver can then be released from the bracket by in-
serting a thin tool (e.g. credit card) between the transceiver base and the
bracket to release the locking tab (see diagrams 5 and 6).
Once installed, the equipment should be tested to ensure that it is oper-
able and that the position of the units does not impact the driver's abil-
ity to control and operate the vehicle in any way.
Use the transceiver to make a call when the vehicle is parked with the
engine running. During the call, switch off the engine. Ensure that the
phone is operational with the engine running and with the engine
switched off.
For operating information, refer to the User's Guide supplied with the


When initiating or receiving a call, stop the vehicle for the duration of
the call.
Warning! Do not use data equipment while the vehicle is moving.
Do not leave data equipment unsecured while driving.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents