For Your Safety - Nokia 6090 DIN/ISO Installation Manual

Din/iso installation kit
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This installation guide has been prepared to provide the basic informa-
tion required to install the 6090 DIN/ISO Installation Kit (see ISO 7736
Road Vehicles Car Radio Front Installation). The information contained in
this guide may differ from your actual work, as different types and mod-
els of vehicles will require different installation techniques. The informa-
tion given is for general guidance only.
Under the terms of the warranty, this car kit must be installed by a qual-
ified service technician and only genuine Nokia parts may be used. The
consumer should never attempt to install this car kit without profession-
al assistance, as the installation requires special tools and skills.
Please refer to the NME-3 User's Guide for instructions on the tele-
phone's operation, care and maintenance, including important safety in-

For your safety

1. Ensure that the vehicle's battery is disconnected before you start the
installation procedure and that it remains disconnected during the
2. Do not smoke or use open flames when working near the vehicle's fuel
3. Ensure that the vehicle's electrical cables, hydraulic lines, fuel lines
and safety equipment are not damaged during installation.
4. Ensure that normal control and operation of the vehicle is not im-
paired by the installation, particularly the brakes and steering.
5. Electronic and other sophisticated systems (e.g. speed control, ABS
anti-lock brake, fuel injection, navigation and air-bag systems) are rel-
atively immune to malfunction caused by nearby radio transmissions.
However, should you experience false operation of these systems or
are in any doubt whatsoever as to their functionality, please consult
the vehicle's dealer.
6. The Installation Kit is suitable for use only in vehicles with an 11 - 12V
supply and negative grounding. Use with other supply voltages or al-
ternative polarity will damage the equipment.
7. The phone should not be left switched on for extended periods without
running the vehicle's engine. Failure to comply could drain the vehi-
cle's battery.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents