Safety Precautions; General Safety Instructions; Operation - Black & Decker BD 205/24 Instruction Manual For Owner's Use

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Before using the compressor, read the instructions for use carefully
and comply with the following safety precautions. Consult this
handbook if you have any doubts regarding functioning.
Preserve all the documentation so that anyone who uses the
compressor can consult this beforehand.


An ACOUSTIC PRESSURE value of 4 m. corresponds to the ACOUSTIC
POWER value stated on the yellow label located on the compressor,
minus 20 dB.
• The compressor must be used in a suitable environment (well
ventilated with an ambient temperature of between +5°C and +40°C)
and never in places affected by dust, acids, vapors, explosive or
flammable gases.
• Always maintain a safety distance of at least 4 meters between the
compressor and the work area.
• Any coloring of the belt guards of the compressor during painting
operations indicates that the distance is too short.
• Insert the plug of the electric cable in a socket of suitable shape, voltage
and frequency complying with current regulations.
• Use extension cables with a maximum length of 5 meters and of suitable
• The use of extension cables of different length and also of adapters and
multiple sockets should be avoided.
• Always use the switch of the pressure switch to switch off the compressor
• Always use the handle to move the compressor.
• When operating, the compressor must be placed on a stable, horizontal
surface to guarantee correct lubrication.


• Never direct the jet of air towards persons, animals or your body. (Always
wear safety goggles to protect your eyes against flying objects that may be
lifted by the jet of air).
• Never direct the jet of liquids sprayed by tools connected to the compressor
towards the compressor.
• Never use the appliance with bare feet or wet hands or feet.
• Never pull the power cable to disconnect the plug from the socket or to
move the compressor.
• Never leave the appliance exposed to adverse weather conditions.
• Never transport the compressor with the receiver under pressure.
You must fully assemble the appliance before using it for the first time.
Fitting the wheels
Fit the supplied wheel kit as shown in fig. 3. Assembly by sequence: a, b, c.
Fitting the rubber foot
Fit the supplied rubber stopper as shown in fig. 4.
Fitting the air filter
Remove the shipping plug with a screwdriver or similar and screw the air
filter securely to the equipment (fig. 5).
Fitting the oil plug
Remove the shipping oil plug using a screwdriver or something similar (fig.
6a). Insert the oil plug (fig. 6b).
The compressor is equipped with a mains cable with shock-proof plug. This
can be connected to any 230V ~ 50Hz shock-proof socket which is protected
by a 16 A fuse. Before you use the machine, make sure that the mains volt-
age complies with the specifications on the rating plate. Long supply cables,
extensions, cable reels etc. cause a drop in voltage and can impede motor
start-up. In the case of low temperatures below +5°C, motor start-up is jeop-
ardized as a result of stiffness.
Preserve this handbook for future reference
• Do not weld or machine the receiver. In the case of faults or rusting, replace
the entire receiver.
• Never allow inexpert persons to use the compressor. Keep children and
animals at a distance from the work area.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
• Do not position flammable or nylon/fabric objects closed to and/or on the
• Never clean the compressor with flammable liquids or solvents. Check that
you have unplugged the compressor and clean with a damp cloth only.
• The compressor must be used only for air compression. Do not use the
compressor for any other type of gas.
• The compressed air produced by the compressor cannot not be used
for pharmaceutical, food or medical purposes except after particular
treatments and cannot be used to fill the air bottles of scuba divers.


• To avoid overheating of the electric motor, this compressor is
designed for intermittent operation as indicated on the technical
dataplate (for example, S3-25 means 2.5 minutes ON, 7.5 minutes
OFF). In the case of overheating, the thermal cutout of the motor
trips, automatically cutting off the power when the temperature is
too high. The motor restarts automatically when normal temperature
conditions are restored.
• To facilitate restart of the compressor, in addition to the operations
indicated, it is important to return the button of the pressure switch to the
OFF position and then to ON again (figures 1-2).
• Single-phase versions are fitted with a pressure switch equipped with a
delayed closing air discharge valve which facilitates start-up of the motor.
Therefore venting of air from this valve for a few seconds with the receiver
empty is normal.
• All the compressors are fitted with a safety valve that is tripped in the case
of malfunctioning of the pressure switch in order to assure machine safety.
• The red notch on the pressure gauge refers to the maximum operating
pressure of the tank. It does not refer to the adjusted pressure.
• When fitting a tool, the flow of air in output must be switched off.
• When using compressed air, you must know and comply with the safety
precautions to be adopted for each type of application (inflation, pneumatic
tools, painting, washing with water-based detergents only, etc.).
Connection of the mains plug (electrical information for the BS plug)
The wires in the mains lead fitted to this product are coloured in accordance
with the code shown in fig. 16.
● This product is double insulated and therefore does not require a
connection to earth.
● The 3 pin plug must comply to BS1363/A.
● Fuse must comply to BS1362.
If for any reason the 13 amp plug fitted to this product requires replacement
it must be wired in accordance with the following instruction:
Do not connect the brown (live) or blue (neutral) to the earth pin marked
on the 3 pin plug.
Connect the Blue wire to the terminal marked Neutral (N). Connect the
Brown wire to the terminal marked Live (L). Ensure that the outer insulation
is gripped by the cord grip and that the wires are not trapped when replacing
the plug cover. The mains lead on this product is fitted with a 13 amp
(BS1363/A) plug. A 13 amp (BS1362) fuse must be fitted in the plug.
If in doubt consult a qualified electrician
There are no user serviceable parts inside this product except those referred
to in the manual. Always refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Never
remove any part of the casing unless qualified to do so; this unit contains
dangerous voltages.
For your protection if this product is to be used outdoors it should not be
exposed to rain or used in damp locations. Do not place the product on damp

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Table of Contents

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