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The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.
The appliance must not be installed in the laundry.
The appliance must be installed 2.3m above the floor.
The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.
For some models whose cooling capacity are above 4600W (17000BTU/h),
an all-pole disconnection device which has at least 3mm separation distance in
all pole shall be incorporated in the fixed wiring according to the national rule.
Clean the air conditioner with a piece of soft and dry cloth.
Do not use these stuffs for cleaning: chemical solvent,
insecticide, inflammable spraying materials which will
damage the appearance of air conditioner. Do not sprinkle
water directly on the indoor unit.
Do not put burning appliances at places exposed to the
airflow, it may cause incomplete combustion.
Close doors and windows (preferably use a curtain) while
operating air conditioner for a long time, if room air is quite
turbid, you could open the door and window for a moment
to get some fresh air outside.
Stop operation and turn off the breaker immediately if anything
abnormal occurs (such as burning smell or smoke).
Do not install the air conditioner at places where flammable
gas may leak. If there is electrical leakage accidentally from
air conditioner, it is easy to cause fire or explosion.
Do not apply the unit for special purposes. Do not use to store
precision equipment, food, painting etc, which require certain
humidity and temperature, for their quality may be affected.
Do not open windows and doors while operating the air
conditioner at COOL/DRY mode for a long time under high
humidity condition (above 80%). Otherwise, condensed
water may drip from the unit.
Do not insert a finger, a rod or any other objects into the air
outlet/inlet grille. As the fan is running at a high speed, it will
cause injury.
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