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Is there a fault?
Indoor unit fan stops
during heating.
Issue cracking
You can hear the
sound of running
Indoor unit makes
"bush" sound and
click sound.
Indoor unit gives
out odor.
Outdoor unit leaks
If you find one of the following symptoms, please turn the breaker off quickly and call our
designated service shop nearest to you for help.
The power cord is abnormally hot or damaged.
An abnormal sound is heard during operation.
The safety breaker, fuse or the earth leakage breaker often cuts off the operation.
Some switch or button often fails to work normally.
The air conditioner gives out burning smell during operation.
Water leaks from the indoor unit.
Fault analysis
The air conditioner is deicing and it takes
10 minutes at most.( It freezes when
outdoor temperature is low and humidity is
high). It automatically resumes operation
about 10 minutes later.
The friction sounds are caused by expansion
and contraction of front grille resulting from
temperature changes.
It is the sound of flowing refrigerant inside
the air conditioner.
Sound of accumulated flowing water on the
Sound of frost melting on the heat exchanger.
Click sound is made by the switching of the
fan or compressor.
"Bush" sound is made by the switch of
refrigerant flowing inside the air conditioner.
Air conditioner may have absorbed odors
from wall, carpet, furniture and again blows
During cooling, connecting pipe or pipe
connector will cause the moisture content
condensation due to the low temperature.
During heating or defrosting, melting water
and water vapor will run out.
During heating, water on heat exchanger
will drop.
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