Service And Maintenance - NEC NSC250F Owner's Manual

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Clean the front grille and air filters
1.Open the front grille by pulling the tabs on both sides and lift it up until it stops with a click.
Pull out the air filters.
2.Remove all dust on the front grille and air filters with a vacuum cleaner or brush. (If the dust
does not come off easily, wash them with neutral detergent dissolved in warm water below
45 .)
3.Wash them in clean water and dry them in the shade.
4.Insert the front grille and air filters at their original position and close the front grille.
5.Wipe the surface of the unit with a neutral detergent and then wipe it again with dry cloth.
(Be sure not to use benzene, solvent or other chemical products . )
If you will not be using the air conditioner for a long idle period
1.Set the fan going for a few hours to dry out the inside thoroughly. (Choose COOL mode or
HEAT mode and select the highest set temperature, then the fan rotates.)
2.Switch the air conditioner off and unplug it from the wall socket. Clean the filters and outer
3.Take out the batteries from the remote controller.
If you have not used the air conditioner for a long period
1.Clean filters and replace them to the original position. Clean the indoor and outdoor units with
a piece of soft cloth.
2.Insert the power plug and make sure the earth wire not be loose.
3.Put the batteries into the remote controller.
Air inlets and outlets shall not be covered/blocked.
For cleaning, do not use gasoline, benzene, thinner, grinding powder, detergent
insecticide etc as they can damage the units.
Don't tear the batteries apart or throw them into fire, which will lead to explosion.

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