Trouble Shooting - NEC NSC250F Owner's Manual

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The following cases are not troubles that will obstruct you in using please follow the fault analysis
and continue using.
Is there a fault?
Air conditioner does
not operate.
Remote controller is
not available and
does not display.
Operation does not
start soon when I/O
button is pressed
after operation was
Cooling and heating
effect is not good.
Air will not
immediately blow
out at the start of
HEAT mode.
The power supply may
be suddenly cut off,
when the power is
normal again; the air
conditioner will automatically
resume the same mode
operation as setting before
power failure.


Fault analysis!
Is it a power failure?
Has the power plug fallen off?
Has the circuit breaker or fuse shut off
Are there any obstacles or disturbance
supply oscillators in the room to disturb the
signal from remote controller?
Check whether the batteries of remote
controller are usable.
Check whether the batteries are positioned
This is a way to protect the air conditioner.
Please wait 3 minutes.
Is temperature setting appropriate?
Are the air filters clean?
Are there any obstacles to block the inlets
and outlets of the indoor and outdoor units?
Is sleep mode used during daytime?
Is the indoor fan speed set low?
Are doors and windows closed?
The air conditioner is ready to blow out
enough warm air. Please wait.
This is called auto-restart function and this
function is only accessible for certain types of
air conditioners with the function of auto-restart.

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