Safety Awareness - NEC NSC250F Owner's Manual

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Read and understand thoroughly this safety awareness before use.
The items indicated here are very important safety precautions, which must be followed.
The following pictures are presented just for the purpose of illustration. As for some models whose
cooling capacity is above 4600W(17000BTU/h), their power cables do not have a plug! So please
take real objects as a reference.
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The air conditioner must be grounded. Incomplete grounding
may result in electric shocks. Do not connect the earth wire
to the gas pipeline, water pipeline, lightning rod, or telephone
earth wire. After installment, earth leakage examination must
be carried on through electrifying.
Do not pull the power cable during operation. It can cause
fire. To pull out the plug, please turn off the unit and hold
the plug to pull it out.
Do not connect the wire from the middle of the power cable
or extend it. Do not use multi-hole sockets.
Do not damage the power cord, or do joint work. Piling up
heavy objects on the power cable, approaching high
temperature supply objects, or doing joint work will cause
electric shock and fire.
Do not apply the cold air to the body for a long time. It will
deteriorate your physical conditions and cause health problems.
Pull out the power plug or turn off the power supply when
not using the air conditioner for a long time. (Accumulated
dirt might cause fire.)
An earth leakage breaker with rated capacity must be
installed to avoid possible electric shocks.


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