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Nikon COOLPIX 7600 Manual: Voice Memos: Recording And Playback

Nikon manual digital camera coolpix 7600.
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Viewing Pictures on the Camera

Voice Memos: Recording and Playback

Using the camera's microphone, you can record a
voice memo by pressing the shutter-release button
while a picture with the O:@ (voice memo recording
guide) is displayed in full-screen playback (Q 22). Do
not touch the microphone during recording. Voice
memos cannot be recorded or played back for movies
(Q 70) or during thumbnail playback (Q 48) or play-
back zoom (Q 49).
If a voice memo already exists for the current picture,
[1] (voice memo icon) and O: [1] (voice memo
playback guide) are displayed and a new voice memo
can not be recorded.
Record voice
Play voice
Delete picture
or voice memo
Voice Memos
Voice memo file names consist of an identifier ("DSCN" for memos appended to original pictures,
"SND_" for memos appended to copies), a four-digit file number copied from the associated pic-
ture, and the extension ".WAV" (e.g., "DSCN0015.WAV").
If O: @ icon is displayed on current picture, memo will
be recorded while shutter-release button is held down.
During recording,
after about 20s or when shutter-release button is
released. Do not touch microphone during recording.
Pictures for which voice memo exists are marked by 1
icon. Press shutter-release button to play voice memo.
Playback ends when voice memo ends or shutter-release
button is pressed again.
Zoom buttons control volume during playback. Press l
l (W)/
(W) to lower volume, O (T) to increase. Volume can also
be adjusted using Sound settings > Volume option in
O (T)
the SET-UP menu (Q 103).
Confirmation dialog will be dis-
played. Press multi selector up or
down to highlight option, press I
(the center of the multi selector) to
• Select No to exit without delet-
ing picture or voice memo.
• Select [1] to delete voice memo
• Select Yes to delete both picture
and voice memo.
2005 . 08 . 01
2005 . 08 . 01
13: 00
13: 00
7M 7M
REC icon blinks. Recording ends
Erase 1 image (s)?
Erase 1 image (s)?
0001. JPG
0001. JPG
1 1
1 1
: Confirm
: Confirm


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