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Nikon COOLPIX 7600 Manual Page 125

Nikon manual digital camera coolpix 7600.
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Turn the camera off when not in use and check that the power-on lamp is off be-
fore putting the camera away. To prevent mold or mildew, store the camera in a
dry, well-ventilated area. If you will not be using the product for long periods, re-
move the batteries to prevent leakage and store the camera in a plastic bag con-
taining a desiccant. Do not store the camera case (available separately) in a plastic
bag, as this may cause the material to deteriorate. Note that desiccant gradually
loses its capacity to absorb moisture and should be replaced at regular intervals.
Do not store your camera with naptha or camphor moth balls or in locations that:
• are poorly ventilated or damp
• are next to equipment that produces strong electromagnetic fields, such as
televisions or radios
• are exposed to temperatures below -10 °C (14 °F) or above 50 °C (122 °F; for
example near a space heater or in a closed vehicle on a sunny day)
• are subject to humidities of over 60%
To prevent mold or mildew, take the camera out of storage at least once a
month. Turn the camera on and release the shutter a few times before putting
the camera away again.
Store the batteries in a cool, dry place.
• When turning the camera on, check that
the batteries are charged. The monitor
will display a warning when batteries are
• On cold days, the capacity of batteries
tends to decrease. Be sure that the batter-
ies are fully charged before heading out-
side to take pictures in cold weather.
Keep spare batteries in a warm place and
exchange as necessary. Once warmed, a
cold battery may recover some of its
• If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe
them off with a clean, dry cloth before
Caring for Your Camera
• Repeatedly recharging NiMH batteries be-
fore they are fully exhausted may result in
a "memory" effect, causing the batteries
to lose their charge quickly. The batteries
will return to normal after being fully dis-
charged and recharged.
• NiMH batteries gradually lose their charge
when left unused. We recommend that
you charge NiMH batteries immediately
before use.
• Used batteries are a valuable resource.
Please recycle used batteries in accor-
dance with local regulations.


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