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Honeywell HFD-010 Series User Manual page 4

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Some air purifiers (model HFD-014,HD010WHS, HD010LHS, HD010RHS ONLY) include special odor
reducing pre-filters.
In order to enjoy the benefits of enhanced odor control, ensure that the Odor-Lock
are installed in the unit. (See "Installing The Odor-Lock
For optimal performance, the filters are wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh. If you choose to use the
pre-filters, replacement timing will be approximately every 3 months, depending on use.
Call 1-800-477-0457 or visit to order your replacement Odor-Lock
• Select a firm, level and flat location. For optimal air flow, locate the unit at least 3 feet (1 M) from the
wall or furniture.
• Ensure the exit grille faces away from the closest wall or furniture.
• Ensure no grilles are blocked.
• Plug into a grounded 120V outlet. See IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
OPERATION (HFD-010, HD010, HFD-013 and HFD-014 SERIES)
• Ensure the unit is in the OFF (O) position and then plug into a
working outlet.
• Rotate the control knob to the desired speed level: High ( ) or
Low ( ) (Fig. 5).
• The indicator light will illuminate when the power is on.
• Turn the control knob to the Off (O) position to turn off the
air purifier.
OPERATION (HFD-015, HFD-110 and HD110)
• Press the Power ( ) button once. The unit will automatically start
at medium power (Fig. 6).
• Select a power level by pressing one of the three power level
buttons: High ( ), Medium ( ) or Low ( ) (Fig. 7). The indicator light
above the selected button will illuminate.
• Press the Power button again to turn off the air purifier.
Timer Operation
• Press the Timer (
(Fig. 8). The timer indicators will illuminate to reflect the selected
time. The air purifier will automatically turn off when time runs
• The timer can be turned off by repeatedly pressing the Timer
) button until all of the timer indicator lights go out.
NOTE: Removing the ifD
unit off will cancel the Timer function.
) button to select 4, 8 or 12-hour operation
Micro-filter assembly or turning the
Pre-filters" on page 7)
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8

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