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Installing The Oven - Miele H 6780 BP Installation Instructions Manual

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The oven must not be operated
until it has been properly installed
within cabinetry.
The oven must have an adequate
supply of cool air for proper
operation. The required air must not
be heated excessively by other heat
sources, e.g. wood burning stove.
Observe the following when
Build into cabinetry with no back
Make sure that the shelf that the
appliance sits on does not touch the
Do not install insulation strops on the
side walls of the cabinet housing.
Before installation
Before connecting the oven to the
power supply, first disconnect the
power supply from the oven isolator

Installing the oven

Connect the power cord to the
electrical supply.
Do not carry the oven by the door
handle. The door can be damaged.
Use the handles on each side of the
oven to carry it.
Installing the oven
It is recommended that you remove
the door before installing the
appliance (see "Cleaning and Care -
Removing the door") and all oven
accessories from the cavity. This will
make for easier installation into the
niche and will not tempt you to use
the handle to carry it.
If there are side handles, please
remove them.
Push the oven into the cabinetry and
align it.
Open the door (if it was not removed
Use the supplied screws to secure
the oven to the side walls of the
cabinetry through the holes in the
Reinstall the door, if necessary (see
"Cleaning and care - Installing the

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