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Makita BUK360 Instruction Manual

Cordless cultivator
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Cordless Cultivator
IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.



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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Cultivator BUK360 UK360D 012828 IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    For European countries only environmentally compatible recycling facility. EC Declaration of Conformity ENG905-1 Noise We Makita Corporation as the responsible manufacturer The typical A-weighted noise level determined according declare that the following Makita machine(s): to 2000/14/EC: Designation of Machine: Cordless Cultivator...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Europe who is: Do not operate the equipment while under the Makita International Europe Ltd. influence of drugs, alcohol, or any medication. Michigan Drive, Tongwell, Keep in mind that the operator or user is...
  • Page 4 follow the safety rules stated in this instruction Maintenance and storage manual may cause serious personal injury. Before storing the machine in a confined or closed ENC007-7 place, let it cool down for a sufficient period of time. IMPORTANT SAFETY Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to ensure the equipment is in safe working condition.
  • Page 5: Parts Description

    PARTS DESCRIPTION Grip Battery hood Front carry handle Cultivator blade Transport wheel Rear carry handle 012872 Be careful not to have your thumb and fingers • FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION pinched when closing the battery hood. Unfasten the buckle on the both side of the tool, and Installing or removing battery cartridge open the battery hood.
  • Page 6 Contact your local Makita In this situation, release the switch trigger on authorized service center. the tool and stop the application that caused NOTE: the tool to become overloaded. Then pull the switch trigger again to restart.
  • Page 7: Indication Lamp

    Bend the cord of the battery converter BCV01 over the 1. Holder product attachment section. Then run the cord of the BCV01 through the slit in the lower housing and close the battery hood. To remove the BCV01, follow the installation procedure in reverse.
  • Page 8 Power switch action WARNING: Before inserting the battery cartridge in the tool, • always check to see that the switch lever actuates properly and returns to the original position when released. Operating a tool with a switch that does not actuate properly can lead to loss of control and serious personal injury.
  • Page 9: Drag Bar

    Never start the tool unless it is completely Drag bar • assembled. Operation of the tool in a partially assembled state may result in serious personal 1. Drag bar injury from accidental start-up. 2. Stopper Installing the drag bar and stopper 1.
  • Page 10: Operation

    Changing the tilling width 1. Corn spring 2. Handle locking WARNING: knob Always be sure that the tool is switched off and 3. Frame • battery cartridge is removed before carrying out any work on the tool. Failure to switch off and remove the battery cartridge may result in serious personal injury from accidental start-up.
  • Page 11: Maintenance

    When folding the handle, be careful not to have • half of it. Blade replacement is recommended as your thumb and fingers pinched between the early as possible for a good performance with a handle and the frame. Makita original blade. 012836...
  • Page 12 1. Direction of blade rotation 2. Blade facing inward 3. Blade facing outward 4. Left inner blades (outside view) 5. Left outer blades (outside view) 6. Right inner blades (outside view) 7. Right outer blades (outside view) 8. Outside 9. Back view 10.
  • Page 13: Trouble Shooting

    To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance or adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. TROUBLE SHOOTING Problem Possible cause Remedy Battery cartridge is not installed. Install the battery carridge.
  • Page 14: Optional Accessories

    Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regarding these accessories, ask your local Makita Service Center. Makita genuine battery and charger • Holder • NOTE: Some items in the list may be included in the tool •...
  • Page 16 Makita Corporation Anjo, Aichi, Japan 885121B223...

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