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Napoleon 1600C-1 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual: General Information; Care Of Glass

Listed solid fuel burning space heater.
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General information

The 1600C-1 was specifically designed over many months
of research to meet the 1990 U.S.A. EPA particulate
emission standards and has been extensively tested in
Canadian laboratories. This system is the most efficient,
simple and trouble free we know and works as follows.
The 1600C-1 is designated as a continuous wood burning
heating appliance having a combustion chamber enclosed
with cast brick walls where all fuel is meant to be burnt on
the grate supplied. It is a top and rear vented appliance
capable of being installed near a wall. It has an adjustable
air control for controlling the burning rate as well as a large
NOTE : The following items supplied with the unit must
be removed from the firebox before attempting to
operate the stove : door handle tool, ash fender and
installation hardware.
After removing the unit from the pallet, use the
securing screws to install the heat shield to the base of
the unit.
Principal of operation
The 1600C-1 is designed to be operated with the door
closed. The heat produced is mainly transmitted through
the window and the body of the unit. Combustion occurs on
the grate with a draft entry through the top of the
combustion chamber. Be sure to provide sufficient
combustion air. There are many other appliances in your
home competing for air such as : a kitchen range hood,
forced air heating devices or a bathroom exhaust fan.
not connect this unit to a chimney flue serving another
Expansion/contraction noises during heating
up and cooling down cycles are normal and to be
expected. After extended periods of non-operation such
as following a vacation or a warm weather season, the
fireplace may emit a slight odour for a few hours. This is
caused by dust particles in the firebox burning off. Open a
window to sufficiently ventilate the room.
If the outside air feature of the stove is utilized, you will
never experience a shortage of combustion air. If you
choose not to utilize outside air and experience draft or
smoking problems, you may need to open a door or
WARNING: Burning your unit with the ashpan door
open or ajar creates a fire hazard that may result in
internal damage to the stove or a house and/or
chimney fire.
Use of this product may produce smoke which
contains chemicals known to the State of California to
cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive
Care of glass
If the glass is not kept clean permanent discolouration
and/or blemishes may result. Normally a hot fire will clean
the glass. The most common reasons for dirty glass
include : not using sufficient fuel to get the stove
thoroughly hot, using green or wet wood, closing the air
control so far that there is insufficient air for complete
combustion. If it is necessary to clean the glass, use a soft
cloth with a nonabrasive cleaner.
The glass is very strong but do not let burning fuel rest
against it and always close the door gently. If the glass
should ever crack while the fire is burning, do not open the
door until the fire is out and do not operate the stove again
until the glass has been replaced with a new 4 mm thick
plate of ceramic glass, available from your Napoleon / Wolf
Steel Ltd. dealer.
To remove the door glass, open the door, remove the
screws and brackets holding the glass in place. Remove all
broken glass. Replace the gasket, if necessary. Place the
new glass in position and replace the brackets and screws.


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