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Broiling; Programmed Oven Operations - Maytag CRG9830 Instruction Manaul

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Broil in the oven cavity and use the broiler pan and
2, Place the broiler pan on the recommended
insert supplied with your range for best results,
position listed in the broiling chart.
(For additional broiling tips, refer to "Cooking
3, Follow the suggested
times in the broiling chart
Simple" booklet.)
below. Broil until the top of the meat is browned. It
should be approximately half cooked by the time the
the Controls
for Broiling:
top is browned.
1. Press the BROIL pad and press the • or • pad to
4. Check the aloneness by cutting a slit in the meat near
select either
Hi or Lo broil as indicated
in the
the center to check the color.
display. Hi is used for most broiling operations. Lo
5. To cancel or end the broiling operation,
press the
should be selected when broiling thicker meats to
CANCEL pad. Remove broiler pan carefully using
the well-done stage (to prevent excessive browning),
heavy potholders. Clean broiler pan before next use.
Broiling times may increase if Lo is selected.
Until you become more familiar with your new range, use the following chart as a guide when broiling foods.
°The bottom rack posilSon in the oven eavSty is #1.
Oven Operations
The Programmed
Oven Operations feature is used to
To reset or cancel tbe program,
press the CANCEL
turn the oven off at a preset time of day or delay the
start and then turn offthe oven.
This feature
will not operate
the clock is
fimetioning and is set to the correct time of day.
If you delay more than 30 seconds between touching a
pad aud pressing
the • or • pad, the display will
either return to the previous setting or the time of day
will reappear and the program will cancel.
To recall the preset stop time or cook time, just press
, the corresponding pad.

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