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Storage Drawer - Maytag CRG9830 Instruction Manaul

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4. Wipe up acid spillovers such as lemon juice, tomato
the Self-Clean
sauce or milk-based
sances and sugaIy spillovers.
About one hour after the clean cycle is complete, the
Porcelain enamel is acid resistant, not acid proof,
word "LOCK" will turn off in the display and the door
The porcelain
finish may discolor if acid spills
lever can be returned to its original position. The oven
are not wiped up prior to a self-clean cycle,
will still be hot.
5. Do
not use
or oven
Some soil may leave a light gray, powdeiyashwhichean
protective coatings of any kind on the self-clean
be removed
with a damp cloth. If soil remains,
oven finish or around any part of the oven as
indicates that the clean cycle was not long enough or a
they will damage the oven finish,
large spillover was not wiped up before the self-clean
6. To prevent damage, do not clean or rub the gasket
cycle. The soil should be removed during the next clean
on the oven door. The gasket is designed to seal in
heat during the clean cycle.
If the oven racks were left in the oven during the self-
7. Turn off the oven light before starting the self-clean
clean cycle and do not slide smoothly, wipe the rack
operation. If the oven light is left on during the clean
and rack supports
with a small amount
cycle, the light bulb will burn out.
vegetal)le oil to restore the ease of movement.
Fine hair-like lines may appear in the oven interior or
the Controls
for the Self-Clean
oven door. This is a normal condition resulting from the
heating and cooling of the porcelain finish. These lines
1. Close the oven door and move the door Iock lever to
do not affect the performance of the oven.
the right until it rests in the lock position.
Storage Drawer
2. Press the SELF
pad. The words "SET
CLEAN TIME" will flash and "3:00" will appear in
The storage drawer in the range is a safe and convenient
the display. Also, "CLEAN ON" will light as the oven
place for storing
Do not store plastic,
begins to heat.
food or flammable material in this drawer.
The oven will automatically set a clean cycle of three
Remove the drawer to clean under the range. NOTE: A
hours. A shorter (2 hours) or longer (4 hours) clean
storage drawer liner is provided for easy cleaning.
cycle can be selected by pressing the SELF CLEAN
To remove:
Empty the drawer then pull it ont to the
pad and pressing the • or • pad to select 2 to 4
first stop position. Lift up the front of the drawer and
pull it to the second stop position. Grasp the sides and
3. Press the CLOCK pad and the current time of day
lift up and out to remove the drawer.
will reappear in the display. "CLEAN" and "'ON" will
To replace:
Fit flm ends of the drawer glides onto the
remain in the display to show that the oven is in a
rails. Lift up the drawer front and gently" push in to the
clean cycle,
first stop position.
Lift up the drawer
again and
If the door is not locked properly, the word "door" will
continue to slide the drawer to the dosed position.
appear in the display and beeps will sound.
To Interrupt
or Reset
the Clean
If the internal lock has not engaged, the loek lever can
be moved completely" to the left to cancel the cycle.
If the internal lock has engaged, push the CANCEL
pad. The door will not open until "LOCK" turns off in
the display. At that time, the door lock lever can be
to its original position and the door can be
opened. The oven will still be hot.

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