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Location Requirements; Duct Work Requirements - Whirlpool WPG Installation Instructions Manual

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Location Requirements

Explosion Hazard
Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as
gasoline, away from furnace.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,
explosion, or fire.
This furnace is designed to be located outdoors with
sufficient clearance for free entrance to the inlet and
discharge air openings. The location must also allow for
adequate service access. See "Minimum Clearances."
Where possible, select a location for the furnace which is
shaded from the direct rays of the sun most of the time. North
or east locations are usually most desirable. Position the unit
to avoid direct contact with water, snow or ice from a roof line
The furnace must be installed on a solid, level mounting pad
that will not settle or shift. Isolate the pad from the building
structure to avoid possible transmission of sound or vibration
from the furnace into the conditioned space.
The furnace foundation should be raised to a minimum of
3 in. above finish grade. In areas which have prolonged
periods of temperature below freezing and snowfall, the
furnace should be elevated above the average snow line. If
the unit is to be installed on a flat roof, it should be on a
platform or other support which will raise the base a minimum
of 8 in. above the surface of the flat roof.
This furnace can be installed on combustible flooring. In the
U.S., it may be installed on combustible materials as follows:
Wood flooring
Class A, Class B or Class C roof covering material
Avoid placing a furnace near areas such as sleeping quarters
or study rooms. Normal operating sound levels may be louder
than desired if the furnace is placed near certain rooms.
Minimum Clearances
1. Supply air duct
2. Return air duct
3. Evaporator coil access panel
High Altitude Installations
This furnace is approved for operation at altitudes from 0 to
2,000 ft above sea level without any required modifications.
For installations above 2,000 ft, the furnace input rate is to be
reduced per the requirements of the National Fuel Gas Code
(ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, latest edition), at the rate of 4 percent for
each 1,000 ft above sea level.
For altitudes above 4,500 ft, a High Altitude Kit is also required.
To order the correct kit see "Accessories."
This furnace is not recommended for installation above 10,000 ft.

Duct Work Requirements

Install all conditioned air plenums, ducts and air filters in
accordance with NFPA 90B Standard for the Installation of
Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems (latest
The furnace is provided with flanges for the connection of the
plenum and ducts.
All air filters must be listed as Class 2 furnace air filters.
All duct work must be made of materials and insulated to
meet local, state and national codes. Duct work installed
outdoors must be sealed, weatherproof and protected
against physical damage. Caulking, flashing or other means
of adequately providing a permanent weather seal should be
used where duct penetrates a building or structure opening.
Minimum - 0"
Recommended - 2"
4. Blower compartment access
5. Burner access panel



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