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Connect Venting; Install Duct Work; Filter Specifications - Whirlpool WFAU Installation Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
1. Using a ¹⁄₄" (6.4 mm) sheet metal screw, secure the vent pipe
to the inducer blower outlet.
2. Make sure all vent connections do not leak.
Install duct work in accordance with NFPA 90B and any local
When the furnace is installed so that the supply ducts carry
air circulated by the furnace to areas outside the space
containing the furnace, the return air shall be handled by a
duct or ducts sealed to the furnace casing and terminated
outsides the space containing the furnace.
If there is no complete return air duct system, the return air
connection must be sealed to the furnace casing and run full
size to a location outside the utility room or space housing
the furnace to avoid a negative pressure on the venting
Installation with Return Ducts
A return air duct system is recommended. If the unit is installed in
a confined space or closet, a return connection must be run, full
size, to a location outside the closet. The air duct in the closet
must be tight to avoid any entrance of air from the closet into the
circulating air.
Installation with an Evaporator Coil
IMPORTANT: When an air conditioning unit is used in
conjunction with the furnace, the evaporator coil must be
installed in the discharge (supply) air. Do not install an evaporator
coil in the return air; excessive condensation will occur within the
Upflow Models
Some model furnaces can be installed with either a side or
bottom air return. For bottom air return the bottom air return
knockout plate must be removed. For units that do not include a
side or bottom return filter rack, kit no. AFILT524-1 (side return) or
kit no. AFILT529-1 (bottom return) can be used.
To provide sufficient filter area for installations requiring more
than 1,600 CFM nominal air delivery, return air will have to be
brought through both sides of the furnace, or through one side
and the bottom, or an optional filter rack WAFILTHA7 may be

Connect Venting

3. Check that the venting is open, and that it is the correct size.
4. Check that the vent pipe terminates outside the building.

Install Duct Work

When installing a WEC coil in a horizontal position with a
horizontal gas furnace, the open end of the A-coil must face the
supply air outlet of the furnace (blow into the open end of the A-
coil). The A-coil should point away from the supply air outlet of
the furnace as shown.
Installation without an Evaporator Coil
If a cooling coil is not installed with the furnace, then a removable
access panel should be provided in the supply plenum for
purposes of inspecting the heat exchanger. This opening must be
accessible when the furnace is installed. It must be large enough
that the heat exchanger can be viewed for possible openings
using light assistance or so that a probe can be inserted for
sampling the airstream. The cover for the opening must be leak

Filter Specifications

Counterflow Models
Filters are not supplied with these furnaces; however, filters must
be used. It is the installer's responsibility to install a filter rack with
the ductwork and to install properly sized filters in accordance
with the "Minimum Filter Requirements Chart."
The Airflow Descriptor is the 2 digits immediately preceding
the hyphen (-) in the furnace model number. The model
number is located on the rating plate inside the access panel.
Areas and dimensions shown for cleanable filters are based
on filters rated at 600 ft (182.9 m) per minute face velocity.
Typical filter sizes are shown; however, any combination of
filters whose area equals or exceeds the minimum area
shown is satisfactory.
A. Supply
B. Return

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