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Hitachi CC 16SB Handling Instructions Manual page 7

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4. Periodically inspect every part of this Cut-off Machine
as to whether or not loosening has occurred.
Retighten any loosened parts.
When using the Cut-off Machine without retightening
loose parts, a hazard may result.
5. Changing Belts
(1) Remove two M8 bolt screws used to secure the belt
cover shown in Fig. 7.
(2) By loosening four M10 nuts shown in Fig. 7 on the
belt side shown in Fig. 8, push the motor to the
front, removing the belt. When attaching the belt,
follow reverse procedures to the above.
6. Stretching the belt (Fig. 8)
Stretch the belt to form a straight tension.
When stretching is completed, clamp the belt with
10 mm nuts (4 pcs.).
7. Oiling
Apply oil to the slideway of the leg and shaft
approximately once a month to ensure smooth
shaft rotation. (Fig. 9)
(Machine oil is suitable.)
8. Cleaning
Occasionally use a cloth to wipe off chips and dust
from the machine body.
9. Service parts list
Repair, modification and inspection of Hitachi Power
Tools must be carried out by an Hitachi Authorized
Service Center.
This Parts List will be helpful if presented with the
tool to the Hitachi Authorized Service Center when
requesting repair or other maintenance.
In the operation and maintenance of power tools,
the safety regulations and standards prescribed in
each country must be observed.
Hitachi Power Tools are constantly being improved
and modified to incorporate the latest technological
Accordingly, some parts may be changed without
prior notice.
Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject to
change without prior notice.



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