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Whirlpool AKR601FXIX Instructions For Use Manual page 13

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Extractor hood installation (A): fumes are extracted and expelled to the outside through an exhaust duct fixed to the flange
C (bayonet coupling). Always shut off the unused exhaust outlet with the plug D1 provided (if provided- bayonet coupling).
Important: some models are supplied with the upper hole B1 closed with a plug D1. Remove the plug to enable use.
Important! In some models, in order to use the rear exhaust outlet B2 the plastic part D2 or D3 must be removed first. Use
pliers and a cutter to remove it.
Filter version installation (F): If it is not possible to duct fumes and steam to the outside, the hood can be used in the filter
version by fitting a carbon filter/s (not supplied). In this way, fumes and steam are recycled through the front grille section
positioned above the control panel.
Check the position of the extraction/filter selector (inside the hood) G.
Fixing to the wall - Place the hood against the wall (or use the template H, if provided) and, using a pencil, mark the holes
(3 or 4 Ø 8mm holes), drill them, insert the rawlplugs J in the holes and 2 screws K in the top holes. Remove the grille and hang
the hood on the 2 screws. Next, from inside, insert the third (and fourth) screws L and screw them all down.
Fixing to the wall unit - Position the hood (or use the template H, if provided) and, using a pencil, mark the 4 Ø 6 mm holes
to be drilled on the bottom of the wall unit.
Fix the hood in place with 4 screws M from inside the wall unit.
Control panel
Light: move the switch to the right or press the next button to switch on.
Extraction speed: move the switch to the right or press the next button to increase extraction speed.
Grease filter - can be one of the following types:
Paper filter: must be replaced once a month or, if the top side is coloured, when the colour shows through the holes in the
Metal filter: must be washed once a month by hand or in a dishwasher, using a quick wash cycle with a low temperature.
To access the grease filter open the grille using the spring release catches E1 or E2 or E3 and release it from the retainers R1
or R2.
The self-supporting metallic filter has no support grille. To remove it, pull the spring release handlesE1 backwards and
remove the filter downwards.
Important! Over time, the metallic filter may become opaque; this in no way affects its filtering capacity.
Carbon filter - can be one of the following types:
Shaped V1: Remove the cover W by turning the knobs O through 90°.
Insert the carbon filter inside the special housing and secure it in place by turning the knob O through 90°, then close the cover.
Replace every 4 months.
Rectangular V2: insert the rear edge first T and then the front (U) - replace every 6 months.
Circular V3: Bayonet coupling. Position the filter in the centre so that it covers the motor-protection grille, make sure that
the reference mark X1 or X2 or X3 or X4 on the carbon filter is aligned with the the reference mark Y on the fan shroud,
then turn clockwise; to remove, turn anti-clockwise, if provided with a tab Z remember to lift it up slightly first. Replace every
4 months.
Replacing the bulb/s - Remove the filters then remove the burnt-out bulb (E14 incandescent bulb, 40 W max). Refit the
G4 halogen bulb, 20 W max: use a small screwdriver or similar suitable tool to prise off.
Replace the bulb cover so that it clicks into position.
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Table of Contents

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