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Adjusting Oven Height; Electrical Connection - Frigidaire FEB24S2AB Installation Instructions Manual

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Wait at least three (3) hours after
receiving this built-in oven before switching the power
on to prevent possible damage to the built-in oven
control at power on.

3. Adjusting Oven Height

A. Models with extension panel:
Remove and lay aside the lower vent decorative trim
that is taped to the outer side panel of the oven. The
decorative trim will be fastened to the lower front of
the oven after it has been installed in the cabinet.
There is a 1 1/2" (3.8cm) height adjustment on
models with extension panel (see figure 2). With this
adjustment and a 1/2" (1.2cm) trim overhang, a unit
can be installed in existing openings 28 1/8" (71.4cm)
to 30 1/8" (76.5cm).
Figure 2
To adjust oven height:
1. Lay oven on its back (see figure 3).
2. Remove the 6 screws that fasten the side
extension panel to the bottom sides of the oven.
3. Move each panel down to the position that
increases the oven height to fit your opening.
Each position changes oven height approximately
1/2" (1.3cm).
4. Line up the appropriate holes in the side extension
panels and sides of the oven. Put back the 6
5. Proceed with oven installation. Return to upright
B. Models without extension panel
models only):
Oven height can be adjusted with 2" (5cm) wide
wood shims when needed to fit into an existing
cabinet cutout opening, when cutout height exceeds
H Min. dimension (see Figure 1).

4. Electrical connection

It is the responsibility and obligation of the consumer to
contact a qualified installer to assure that the electrical
installation is adequate and is in conformance with the
National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70-latest edition,
or with CSA Standard C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code,
Part 1, and local codes and ordinances.
heed this warning may result in electrocution or
other serious injury.) This appliance is equipped
with copper lead wire. If connection is made to
aluminum house wiring, use only connectors that
are approved for joining copper and aluminum wire
in accordance with the National Electrical Code
and local code and ordinances. When installing
connectors having screws which bear directly on
the steel and/or aluminum flexible conduit, do no
tighten screws sufficiently to damage the flexible
conduit. Do not over bend or excessively distort
flexible conduit to avoid separation of convolutions
en exposure of internal wires.
DO NOT ground to a gas supply pipe. DO NOT connect
to electrical power supply until appliance is permanently
grounded. Connect the ground wire before turning on
the power.
white neutral conductor.)
This appliance is manufactured with a white neutral
power supply and a frame connected copper wire.
The frame is grounded by connection of grounding
lead to neutral lead at the termination of the
conduit, if used in USA, in a new branch circuit
installation (1996 NEC), mobile home, recreational
vehicles, where local code do not permit grounding
trough the neutral (white) wire or in Canada,
disconnect the white and green lead from each
other and use ground lead to ground unit in
accordance with local codes, connect neutral lead
to branch circuit-neutral conductor in usual manner
Figure 3
Risk of electrical shock (Failure to
(If your appliance is equipped with a



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