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Other; Scheduling Playback By Time Table - Sony BKM-FW50 Operating Instructions Manual

Streaming receiver adaptor
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Scheduling playback by time table

When you create a time table and perform scheduled playback of still image or video files,
some files may not be played back, depending on the content of the schedule. When creating
a time table, you can specify any time slot from 0:00 (midnight of the current day) to 35:59
(11:59 a.m. the next day) as the playback time of the still image or video files. If the playback
time for certain files is set for the next day (24:00 to 35:59), it may be superseded by the
playback time of files scheduled by time table to start that day. As a rule, playback scheduled
for the current day is given priority in this case, and files held over from the previous day are
not played back.
If the display is set for automatic power off, the display will turn off automatically at the
specified time, even if content is playing back.



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