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Sony BKM-FW50 Operating Instructions Manual

Streaming receiver adaptor
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2-891-424-02 (1)
Streaming Receiver
Operating Instructions
 2006 Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony BKM-FW50

  • Page 1 2-891-424-02 (1) Streaming Receiver Adaptor Operating Instructions BKM-FW50  2006 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Using the BKM-FW50 Streaming Receiver Adaptor When not connected to a network Playback still image or video files from a memory card Preparations Take pictures with a digital camera Memory Stick Duo 1 “Local Play” page 16 Copy still image/video...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Using slide show playback ......8 Preparations for Using the Network Functions ..........9 Assigning a fixed IP address to the BKM-FW50 ........ 9 Automatically obtaining an IP address ..10 Computer Operation ......11 Controlling the display ....... 11 Setting items on respective screens ....
  • Page 4: Precautions

    • CompactFlash and CF card are trademarks of SanDisk USA. • Microdrive is a registered trademark of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. • Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. • All other product names, company names, etc. mentioned in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  • Page 5: Names And Functions Of Parts And Controls

    Names and Functions of Parts and Controls 1 USB port 6 Memory card slot The port will be used for expanded Accepts a CF card or a Microdrive. functions to be introduced in future. 7 RESET button 2 Memory card slot cover fastening When this button is pressed and held for screw more than 3 seconds, all settings of the unit...
  • Page 6: Installation

    AC outlet. • While carrying out the installation, the display must be firmly secured. Install the BKM-FW50 inside the display as follows. If an optional adaptor is installed, loosen its fastening screws (top and...
  • Page 7: Playback Of Still Images Or Video From A Cf Card

    CF card that contains images shot Microdrive with a digital still camera into the slot of Hitachi: HMS360402D5CF00 (2 GB) the BKM-FW50, the images can be viewed HMS360604D5CF00 (4 GB) on the display in a slide show format. • Compatibility with CF cards and...
  • Page 8: Using Slide Show Playback

    Detailed control of playback method When the display is connected to a network via the BKM-FW50, any still image or video file stored on the CF card can be shown on the display. For information on settings and operation in this case, see the section “Computer Operation”...
  • Page 9: Preparations For Using The Network Functions

    Use the M/m buttons to select “INITIAL SETUP/INFORMATION” Functions and press the ENTER button. The “INITIAL SETUP/INFORMATION” The BKM-FW50 can be connected to a menu appears. network with 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN cable. Use the M/m buttons to select “IP When connected to a LAN, the IP Address Setup”...
  • Page 10: Automatically Obtaining An Ip Address

    When an IP address has been automatically assigned, you can call up the display control screen of the BKM-FW50 as Click “Apply”. follows and check which IP address has been assigned. The IP address changes each Automatically obtaining an IP time power to the display is turned on.
  • Page 11: Computer Operation

    Information screen You can make various display settings on the screen of the computer. Make sure that the BKM-FW50 is properly installed in the display, and that the BKM- FW50, computer, and router or hub are properly connected with network cable.
  • Page 12 For details on error information, see “List Notes of Error Codes” (page 30). • For details on these functions, consult the operating instructions of the FWD series Clear (Delete) product. Not all functions are supported Lets you delete error information displayed by all display models.
  • Page 13 Brightness +/– buttons Supported file formats Adjust the screen brightness. The following formats are supported for still image/video playback. Chroma +/– buttons File type File format Extension Adjust the color intensity. Still JPEG format jpg, jpe, jpeg image GIF format Phase +/–...
  • Page 14 Web/HTTP server (not supplied) inserted in the memory card specified in the “Server Address” field. You slot of the BKM-FW50. can either enter the location in the text box or click the “Browse” button and select the file Note or folder location on the screen that appears.
  • Page 15 Play file/folder name Delete Specifies the location of the still image or Deletes a file or folder saved on the video files on the Web/HTTP server memory card inserted in the unit. specified in the “Server Address” field. New Folder You can either enter the location in the text Creates a new folder on the memory box or click the “Browse”...
  • Page 16 CF card inserted in Play the memory card slot of the BKM-FW50. Starts playback of the selected file or of the Note still image/video files in the folder specified in “Play file/folder name”.
  • Page 17 If the resolution selected here differs automatically when the display in which from the computer’s actual resolution, the BKM-FW50 is installed is turned on. In the screen will not display at the proper combination with the ON timer of the size.
  • Page 18 CF card inserted in the Check to use background music BKM-FW50 can be used for this during video playback (video audio function. Only the music files in the will be muted): specified folder are played.
  • Page 19 Standard Resolution Mode Make selections based on the aspect (Default Values): 480p ratios of the images you wish to view. When viewing still image files, we Input still image recommend making the aspect ratios of each file the same. Notes •...
  • Page 20 High Resolution Mode: 16:9 High resolution mode: 4:3 (XGA) (WXGA) Input still image Input still image Display Display Display: Full mode Display: Full mode Display Display The input still image is stretched The input still image is displayed in lengthwise but fills the entire screen. the original aspect ratio.
  • Page 21 List Play Video Resolution Select Auto, NTSC (480i), NTSC (480p), or PAL (576p) as the playback resolution for video. Guide Message Specify whether to display a message that enables you to tell the display is turned on when no still images or videos are playing. Background Color Select “Black,”...
  • Page 22 On this screen, you can use the software, you can change the contents of the play list. For details, contact your following operations to browse for still nearest Sony dealer. image and video files to add to the play list. Computer Operation...
  • Page 23 Create New Play List • Before scheduling a time table, make sure This feature can be used to create a new to configure the time setting on the Setup play list. Enter a name for the play list in screen (page 25). the text box, and then use the following buttons to create the play list.
  • Page 24 • To specify still image or video files When you have finished making settings, from the CF card inserted in the click the “OK” button to close the time memory card slot on the unit, click table editing screen. For each time table the “File Browse”...
  • Page 25 Note Setup screen You can specify a time anywhere in the range of 0:00 to 35:59 (11:59 a.m. the next day) for both the data playback start time and the time table end time. As a result, data set to play back in a time slot on the next day may be superseded by a time table scheduled to start playback that day.
  • Page 26 DHCP server. In this case, be aware Enter the mail server address here. that the IP address will change each time The maximum length for the address is the display attached to the BKM-FW50 is 64 characters. turned on. Requires the use of POP...
  • Page 27 For information about supported ID Talk commands, contact your local Sony dealer. SNMP The BKM-FW50 is a network device which supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Besides standard MIB-II, Sony Enterprise MIB is also supported. This screen allows making settings for SNMP.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Cause/Remedy Cannot connect to network. • BKM-FW50 is not correctly installed in display. t Push the BKM-FW50 fully into the slot, and tighten the fastening screws. • Cable is not connected correctly to network port. t Plug the cable firmly into the network port.
  • Page 29 Problem Cause/Remedy Cannot save files from a server to • A storage medium is not inserted in the BKM- local storage. FW50. t Insert a storage medium. • The storage medium is broken. t Try using a different storage medium. •...
  • Page 30: List Of Error Codes

    List of Error Codes When an error occurs while using the BKM-FW50, an error code along with error information is displayed on the Information screen (page 11). The following explains the meanings of error codes and the methods of dealing with them.
  • Page 31 The specified MPEG file Check the file. (within a folder) is an MPEG1 file. 0x40 An error has occurred with Contact your local Sony the Player during playback. dealer. 0x50 The specified file/folder Make sure the file/folder does not exist in the exists at the location you specified server.
  • Page 32 Error code When it occurs What it means How to deal with it (Hex) A network error has Check the network 0x54 occurred. environment. The storage capacity on the Check the remaining 0x55 CF card is insufficient. storage capacity of the CF card.
  • Page 33: Other

    Other Scheduling playback by time table When you create a time table and perform scheduled playback of still image or video files, some files may not be played back, depending on the content of the schedule. When creating a time table, you can specify any time slot from 0:00 (midnight of the current day) to 35:59 (11:59 a.m.
  • Page 34: Specifications

    (10.6 oz.) Power consumption Approx. 10 W Operating temperature 0 to +35°C (+32 to +95°F) (environment conditions for display in which BKM-FW50 is installed) Storage temperature –10 to +40°C (+14 to +104°F) LED indicators Link (green)/ Act (orange) Cable length Max.
  • Page 35 Sony Corporation...