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Trouble Shooting; Assistance; Accessories - KitchenAid 720-0893A Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Freestanding outdoor grill


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Grill will not light
 Is the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank valve turned off?
Turn the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank on.
 Is the grill properly connected to the gas supply?
Contact a trained repair specialist or see Installation Instructions.
 Is there gas in the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank?
Check the gas level.
 Is the igniter working?
Check that the igniter battery is properly installed or check to
see if the battery needs to be replaced. See the "Replacing
the Igniter Battery" section.
Check to see if the grill will match-light. See "Manually
Lighting the Grill and side burner" in the "Outdoor
Grill Use" section.
Check for loose wire connections to the igniter or electrodes.
Check to see if debris is blocking the electrodes.
If a spark occurs anywhere but the igniter tip, replace the
Burner flame will not stay lit
 Is the gas supply fully turned on?
Check that the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank valve is fully open.
 Is the gas supply in the 20 lb LP fuel gas tank low?
Check the gas level.
 Is the burner properly installed and in good condition?
Check that the burner is installed properly. Check for defects in
the burner.
Flame is noisy, low or erratic
 Is the gas supply fully turned on?
Check that the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank valve is fully open.
 Is the gas supply in the 20 lb LP fuel gas tank low?
Check the gas level.
 Does only one burner appear low?
Check and clean the burner ports if clogged or dirty. See
"General Cleaning" section.
 Is the gas supply hose bent or kinked?
Straighten the gas supply hose.
 Is the flame noisy or lifting away from the burner?
Burner may be getting too much air. Check the air shutter
adjustment, see "Check and Adjust Burners" section.
 Is the burner flame mostly yellow or orange?
Grill may be in an area that is too windy, or not receiving
enough air. Check the burner air inlets for obstructions.
Check the air shutter adjustment, see "Check and Adjust the
Burners" section.
LED light is not working when the switch is at "ON" position?
 Is the battery installed properly?
Check if the battery installed properly in the battery box. Please refer
to step 25.
 Does the LED light wire connects the battery box properly?
Check the connection between LED light wire and battery box, see if
it is tight enough. For replacing battery box, please order part #71.
 Does the light switch and LED wire connect properly?
Disassemble main control panel to check the connection between
light switch and LED light wire, and replace led light assembly(Part #
82) if the trouble can not be solved.
Excessive flare-ups
 Is there excessive fat in the food being grilled?
Keep flame on low or turn one burner off.
Keep the hood up when grilling to avoid excessive flare-ups.
Move food to the warming rack until flames subside.
To avoid damage to the grill, do not spray water on gas flames.
Low heat
LP Gas:
For outdoor grills using a 20lb LP gas fuel tank, slowly open the
tank valve.
NOTE: If flow limiting device activates, your grill may not light. If
your grill does light, the flames will be low and will not heat
1. Turn tank valve and all control knobs off and wait 30 seconds.
2. After shutting off the tank, very slowly open the tank valve and
wait 5 seconds before lighting.
3. Light the burners one at a time. See "Lighting the Grill and side
burner" section.
Natural Gas:
Gas pressure is affected by size and length of the gas line from
the house to the grill. Contact a qualified gas technician to
provide the Natural gas supply to the selected grill location in
accordance with the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1/
NFPA54 - latest edition and local codes.


Before calling for assistance, please check "Troubleshooting." If
you still need help, follow the instructions below.
When calling, please know the purchase date and the complete
model and serial number of your appliance. This information will
help us to better respond to your request.
If you need replacement parts
If you have questions or need to order replacement parts,
contact Customer Service Center at 1-877-373-2301 .
Please direct all correspondence to:
Nexgrill Industries, Inc.
14050 Laurelwood PI, Chino, CA 91710
Please include a daytime phone number in your


Natural Gas Conversion Kit
Order Part Number 710-0003


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