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Connection Diagram - Pioneer GM-X644 Service Manual

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Connection Diagram

Fuse (30 A)
Fuse (30 A)
Front side
Fuse (25 A) × 2
Speaker terminal
Special red battery wire [RD-223] (sold separately).
After making all other connections at the amplifier,
connect the battery wire terminal of the amplifier to
the positive (+) terminal of the battery.
Ground wire (black) [RD-223] (sold separately).
Connect to metal body or chassis.
Connecting wires with RCA pin
plugs (sold separately).
External Output
If only one input plug is used, do not
connect anything to RCA input jack B.
Input Select Switch
For two-channel input, slide this switch
to the left. For four-channel input, slide
this switch to the right.
RCA output jack
RCA input jack A
Back side
System remote control wire (sold separately)
Connect the male terminal of this wire to the system remote control
terminal of the car stereo (SYSTEM REMOTE CONTROL). The
female terminal can be connected to the auto-antenna relay control
terminal. If the car stereo does not have a system remote control
terminal, connect the male terminal to the power terminal through
the ignition switch.
Amplifier with
RCA input
RCA input jacks
Car stereo with
RCA output jacks
RCA input jack B
Connecting wires with RCA pin
plugs (sold separately).



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