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Acer AcerView 79g User Manual page 18

17” (43.2cm) crt size, 16” (40.5cm) max. viewable area
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QUESTION: What is Convergence?
ANSWER: Convergence
phosphors and line them up properly in order to produce pure color. Displayed
characters and images may appear fuzzy or have tinges of red , green, or blue if the
electron beams do not converge correctly.
The convergence adjustment adjusts the entire screen. It is not possible
to limit adjustment to specific screen areas.
AcerView 79g offer convergence adjustment feature. To properly adjust convergence,
it is best to have an image that make it easy to see any convergence error. A black
background with white letters or lines is recommended. When adjusting convergence,
look at the adjustment across the whole screen. When adjusting horizontal
convergence, look at the left and right edges of vertical lines or characters. When
adjusting vertical convergence, look at the top and bottom edges of horizontal lines or
characters. Proper adjustment is when the effect of red and blue tinges are
QUESTION: What is Moire?
It is an interference phenomenon caused by the relationship between the phosphor
layout and the imaging signal. In fact, it is often considered an indication of good
focus level.
It is especially noticeable when using a light-gray or every-other-dot
pattern. Moire cannot be eliminated. However, it can be reduced with
the moire reduction feature.
Moire can be reduced by adjusting the iscreen moire reduction function. Prior to
adjustment, set the desktop to an every-other-dot pattern so that moire will be visible.
After this adjustment, make changes to a different desktop background in order to
reduce moire even further.
is the monitor's ability to precisely illuminate specific
refers to an interference pattern of dark wavy lines on the screen.
6 Adjusting the Monitor



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