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Fuel, Tank, Piping; Ignition System - Saito FG-60R3 Operating Instructions Manual

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1. Propeller
●The Standard prop is Mejzlik D22 xP10 which brings approx. 6,400rpm
●Depending on the airframe, please adopt the adequate size in the range of 5,800 7,000rpm from reliable products
generally on the market.
●Since an imbalanced prop is vibratory and dangerous, please maintain balance with a balancer.
●A cracked prop should never be used. Make sure to check any time and replace it with a new one if it s cracked.
●Never use too low load prop as it leads large vibration and may result in engine failure or accident.
●Tighten up the prop nut after every flight. Especially a wooden prop tends to compressed so take care of its looseness.

2. Fuel, tank, piping

●Since gasoline is dangerous material, be careful of its storage, use, and transport enough.
●Unleaded high-octane gasoline is not required for SAITO engine.
●The fuel is mixture of commercial regular gasoline and reliable oil for 2-stroke engines.
●[Example of oil recommendation]
・ Klotz KL-200 Original Techniplate
●Lubrication for piston, connecting rod, bearing or cam gear is a blow-by lubrication in which the oil in the fuel goes
into the crankcase from the clearance between the cylinder and piston. Therefore the engine life is affected by the
property of the fuel oil. Please use the oil of reliable quality.
●Please be sure to use the mixture gasoline : oil =15 20 : 1 by volume ratio. (Ex. 1000ml of gasoline should be mixed
with more than 50ml of oil ).
●Any damage caused by the fuel used, in which the oil ratio is lower than 20:1 ratio, is not warranted.
●Please use pure gasoline as long as possible. In some areas in the world, standard gasoline contains specific amount
of ethanol. Such fuel may cause not only power loss but also corrosion inside the crankcase.
●If you can t get pure gasoline for the engine, please make sure to follow the procedure below after the last operation
of the day; to remove the blow-by gas from the crankcase and prevent the engine from corrosion.
1)Stop the engine by fuel cut to burn out the fuel in the carburetor.
2)Remove the remaining fuel from the tank.
3)Turn off the switch of the Ignition.
4)Open the throttle.
5)Apply an electric starter to the prop to run without fire for about 10 sec.
●Make sure to use gasoline-proof products for the tank, lid rubber, piping, and tubing. Some of the products for glow
fuel can t be used for gasoline.
●Use the gasoline proof tank which has adequate capacity (Approx. Fuel consumption x Flight duration + 100 200cc).
●The carburetor has a pump but its pumping pressure is not so strong. Place the tank as close to the carb as possible.
●Set the tank in order to make the fuel level slightly lower than the center of the carb.
●Since commercial gasoline contains many impurities, please be sure to use a reliable filter for the admission port of the
gasoline-proof fuel pump (Fig.2) and in the fuel tank as well (Fig.3).
●Without using filters, proper performance of the carburetor is not delivered, resulting in failures.
●Provide Fuel feeding pipe , Carb feeding pipe , and Air inhalation pipe separately (Fig.3).
●When provide Air inhalation pipe as Fig.4, arrange the tube above the fuel level to
avoid overflow.
●Please check carefully if there's any crack on the piping, tubing, connection, and
tank.(If there s any leakages, not only the performance of the engine decreases
dramatically but also there is danger of fire.)
●All of the connection parts should be bound by thin Nylon strap or wire to avoid
fuel leakage or air induction to the fuel line.
Stand-off mount
Cut out

3. Ignition system

●The ignition system develops extremely high voltage. Do not touch it during operation.
●Use a plastic clip to hold the connectors and spiral tube to protect each wire of the ignition system.
●Isolate the ignition system completely from the receiver, servos, and batteries to avoid a radio-interference trouble.
・ Morgans Cool Power 'Blue' Synthetic Lubricant
Air inhalation
Fuel feeding pipe
To Carb nipple
Gasoline-proof tube
Close as possible
Rubber cap for
Fuel tank
Filter with weight
Center of fuel tank
- 2 -
Gasoline-proof tube
Filter with weight
Air inhalation pipe
Fuel level
Fuel level
To Outside of
the plane


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