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Using The Remote Control Operation Mode Switch; Reverse Mode; Dolby Digital/Dts Compatibility - Pioneer AXM-P7650 Operation Manual

Multi-channel processor controller unit
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Table of Contents
Before You Start
Using the remote control
operation mode switch
There are three remote control operation
modes on the remote control. In order to con-
trol every function of connected equipment
properly, be sure to change settings as fol-
! DVD mode  This mode can control Pio-
neer DVD player. Every function of Pioneer
DVD player can be controlled by this re-
mote control. Although some operations
may differ slightly from your DVD players
remote control, use corresponding buttons
to control them properly.
! DEQ mode  This mode controls Pioneer
multi-channel processor (DEQ-P7650).
Every function of DEQ-P7650 can be con-
trolled by this remote control. Also, some
functions for connected sources can be
controlled. If Pioneer multi-CD player or tel-
evision is connected to this unit, you can
control their functions by using supplied
remote control.
! AUDIO mode  This mode can control Pio-
neer head unit. Although not every function
of Pioneer head unit can be controlled by
this remote control, most of the basic func-
tions can be controlled. If you connect Pio-
neer head unit to this unit, supplied remote
control can operate it.
Supplied remote control cannot control equip-
ment connected to speaker input connector and
RCA input connector. To control them, use the ap-
propriate buttons on the equipment.

Reverse mode

If you do not perform an operation within
about 30 seconds, screen indications start to
reverse, and then continue reversing every 10
seconds. Pressing button 5 when power to
this unit is turned off while the ignition switch
is set to ACC or ON cancels the reverse mode.
Press button 5 again to start the reverse
Dolby Digital/DTS
When using this unit with a Pioneer multi-
channel processor, you can enjoy the atmo-
sphere and excitement provided by DVD movie
and music software featuring 5.1 channel re-
! Manufactured under license from Dolby La-
boratories. Dolby and the double-D sym-
bol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
! DTS is a registered trademark of Digital
Theater Systems, Inc.
This product incorporates copyright protection
technology that is protected by method claims of
certain U.S. patents and other intellectual prop-
erty rights owned by Macrovision Corporation
and other rights owners. Use of this copyright
protection technology must be authorized by
Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for
home and other limited viewing uses only unless
otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation.
Reverse engineering or disassembly is



Table of Contents

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